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What would it take?

I was talking training with a girl at work & he said she only does 3x15 on every exercise because she doesn’t want to bulk up & look manly. I had to try really hard to not tell her that the easiest & best way to get a round womanly bumbum was to do deep heavy squats & build muscle there. She said her trainer has her doing that 3x15 stuff just to “tone”. I don’t plan on actually trying to convince her to change the way she does stuff or any other girl who does things her way but what would it take to do it? Why can’t all girls train like Krista Scott?

Explain to her that most people get strong and “hard” on low reps, and grow (hypertrophy) on higher reps in thr 10-15 range. Ian says that newbies can grow at 15 reps then this declines with training age. Still, she needs to know that she CAN’T get too big without steroids regardless of rep range. Show her some natural fitness models and show her their programs. Hopefully, you can find a few fitness girls that aren’t juicing, which seems to be getting very common. That chick married to Lee Priest is starting to look like Lee Priest!

I hate to sound like a sexist but…chics don’t listen. Especially people with a trainer. My trainers says this my trainer say that my trainer says…POW!!! Take that trainer. See sometimes one rep is enough. Braahahahhaah. :slight_smile:

Actually that was incredibly sexist… …keep it up:)

Thanks brother…your a guy right? :slight_smile:

I know the toning thing has been beaten to death a bunch of times, but was wondering whether she’d just try doing lower rep stuff & maybe even get a tiny bit sore for just a couple months, long enough to have an effect but not long enough to gain 200lbs, grow thick dense hair on her back ie get manly. After she sees a pic of a girl OLer with a tight hard little body, who probably doesn’t do more than 5 reps on any one of her sets, would this girl at work think twice or what?