What Would Happen if You Had No Prolactin?


I’m a sex freak.

I’ve done cabergoline recreationally for some years in pursuit of such sexual freakosity - as well as taking certain dopaminergics.

I know prolactin is an important precursor to something and linked to Growth Hormone. So like - it must have some sort of “purpose”.

So what am i doing if i’m keeping it constantly minimal with Cabergoline (0.5mg every 2 days)?. Is there some damage being done here? What would happen if a person was to have zero prolactin? apart from the ability to get his freak-on all day long.



.5mg of caber is not enough to erase prolactin from your system. When used for clinical purposes there are daily doses as high as 4mg. Im wondering if you’re really asking about lack of prolactin or how to enhance your sexual experiences thru chemistry; for the two are not mutually exclusive

no i’m just wondering what would happen if you have chronically low prolactin… wot are the repurcussions. Wots it good for and could you do without it.


I’m guessing it could throw my dopamine system “out of whack” - don’t know what that implies, assuming too much of a good thing can’t be a good thing.

It would also mean that i would have higher testosterone/estrogen as prolactin supresses these hormones.

Neither of the above seems THAT big of a deal - i mean, it doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose in men…

Or am i missing something?