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What Would Happen if They Ended Food Stamps


What would be the reaction and result if the government ended food stamps. I know quite a few people who depend on foodstamps to eat, and if foodstamps were ended, probably wouldnt be able to get much food.

So if foodstamps were suddenly ended tomorrow, could you expect rioting or what?


I guess you'd starve, HH.


It is about time we moved on to food cards. With modern technology and all.


They are cards, they work like debit cards actually. Or sometimes they'll have the checks still. I stood behind a two ladies at a grocery store for 45 minutes when she paid with food checks. Of course they wouldn't open up another check out line. By the time I got to checkout I asked the cashier if she'd please have someone bring up 8 other gallons of milk that were not now warm from standing in line for so long.


8 gallons? Are you a calf?


productivity in this country would go up tenfold.


I bet cheap beer and liqueur sales would drop dramatically.


No, I live in with another guy so 8/2=7 gallons for me and 1 gallon for the week for visitors. I am quite hospitable towards my guests and it always seems like I have visitors in the morning.


And lottery tickets


They are too lazy to riot


There should be more stipulations for food stamps and other assistance. Bums have no motivation to get jobs or try to better themselves. My cousin is a perfect example. Shit, I work 50 hrs/week and don't eat as good.


The problem is that the Link allows them to purchase ANY food product. Which is absolutely asinine.

For example- hershey bars, specialty cakes from the bakery, pop, chips, candy, lobster, t-bone steaks, etc etc can all be purchased with Link cards.

Link needs to be set up exactly like WIC, where you can only purchase the foods listed, such as milk, eggs, bread, fruit, etc. Nutritional, healthy foods, and set a limit.

I don't know what fucking moron thought it'd be a good idea to allow people on food stamps to purchase whatever they have in the store that's edible.


Where do I get this self replicating milk where 8/2 = 8 + 1?


All those rednecks would be MADDERNHELL ITELLYAWAT


Because in my head, I still drink most of that 8th gallon.


I don't think that's really a problem. Are you claiming that you actually know that they desire, "nutritional, healthy foods" more than candy bars and cake?

I say end food stamps and just give them straight up money, as a temporary alternative. No need to be dictating what they spend their money on. If you're going to give them something for nothing, might as well give them cash so they can spend it on what they desire. Beyond that, I guarantee that they are not getting their money's worth in food stamps. If the money that is being given to them in the form of food stamps right now was instead just given as straight up cash, they would get a lot more of it.


Hulk I like your idea. WIC is much better than Foodstamps.

Dabba who do you think you are saying what the poor receive is "their money?" The US Government does not have any money. It is money provided by the working taxpayers of this country. Beggers can not be choosers.


You are so very correct. My first option would be to abolish food stamps altogether, but if you're going to give people something then you might as well give them money as food stamps have other costs involved and the money that supposedly goes to them gets carted off to other programs, thereby lessening the amount that they are actually supposed to receive. In any event, why order them around as to what they must buy? I mean, if they really want candy bars more, isn't that more a reflection on why they shouldn't have food stamps in the first place, rather than forcing them to choose a certain food?


I really don't care at all what they "desire", they can take it or leave it.

If the government's giving them the means to obtain food products, then we should most definitely be dictating what they spend their money on. No junk food, no high priced red meat or sea food.

I'm willing to bet they'll take what they can get.


It's a government assistance program, it's not their own money. When they're able to fully provide for themselves and their own then they can choose what they want to eat. Until then, there should be a set list of certain foods allowed to be purchased with food stamps.