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What Would Happen If I Applied Scrotal Cream to Penis Shaft or Head?

If cialis works just use that. Changing dosage can mess you up and cialis will not work

When applying scrotal cream, there’s that initial white residue. As I keep rubbing it in, it gets lighter and lighter but my finger is covered in it when I stop.

Is it best to rub it in to some extent but leave the white residue so it dries on its own? And then there’s just more to be absorbed? Or should I rub it in until all the white residue is gone as the dr said?

Inconsistency of application is a significant issue with transdermal dosing. Rub it in, completely.

Yes, you are correct, 300mg is a lot for those levels.

So, I talked to the PA last night and she decided to up the cream by 2 clicks. So now I’m at 5 clicks morning and 5 clicks evening. I took 5 clicks this morning around 9am and within the past 30min I’ve had a huge burst of drive. Feel like a thirsty lusty animal LOL. Dam. A little more sensitive as erection came quick. I wonder if this dose is sustainable. Standard cbc this Friday so I’ll check out the hematocrit I guess. And I think dht and cortisol is in there too.

Doubt it. That’s a lot of cream, you’ll blow through over two tubes a month. See if you can get 400mg/g compounded.

I recall you are adverse to needles, but what about a daily dose with a 29g or 31g short needle?

Yeah, I told her that if I go back to Cypoinate, I can deal with the short insulin needles. She wanted to go one more month on cream and see what happens and I went along with it. I’m getting some labs done on Friday. Going to post those when I get them back.

My friend keeps telling me that he thinks I’m someone who just converts a lot to estrogen. When I was a teen I remember having a weird issue with feeling puffy around my nipples and sometimes it showed but it would come and go. My drive was really intense and I had so many instances of having erections at the most awkward and inappropriate times. I dunno…maybe that was considered normal. And labs have always shown high estrogen even when I was not on trt.

Bro. You have the answer already. 200mg on injections gave you the best results. 200mg/wk is very sustainable. You might even be able to lower it a bit. I really hate seeing you chase your tail like this. Get back on the needle and get your life back, instead of dicking around with cream. You’re basically upping the dose on cream, and you’re going to run out, and that is not sustainable.

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Now…tell me how you really feel…lol.
Yeah, you’re right. I’ve taken Cypoinate before and there’s definitely a difference. Just needed to bump it up a little. Going back to 150mg/week divided into daily doses.

Im on 180mg/wk of TC injections, dailies. I used 220mg/wk for a year but I decided to lower it once I got back on HCG. So go for a combo of TC and HCG. You will be back online, smoothly.

I’ve never taken HCG. Would you recommend it even if I have no intention of having kids? I’m assuming without it, it’s most likely that my balls will shrink to some extent and that it also helps drive. If I have that right, I’ll ask the pa if they give that. I’ve been using Excel M.

Yes. Im late 40s with no need for another child. I use it because it keeps my balls online, and it truly does make me a better me. I have no qualms with injecting T daily and HCG twice a week. This combo is anti-aging. Ive been realizing it more as I progress. Women used to think I was in my 40s when I was in my 30s. From current experiences, Women think Im in my 30’s going into my 50s.

So my question is before I started TRT I was absolutely fine with my sensitivity. How is it that my sensitivity was fine but now it is gone after starting TRT. For me to have my sensitivity back I need to increase my estrogen? But then at the same time if I do that then I will have ED? I’m lost here. I really would like my sensitivity back but I have not idea how todo that can someone help

I think HCG will help you. There are other benefits reported for HCG other than fertility. From what I can see increased sensitivity, mood and libido benefits etc.

I initially started with Test and HCG and sensitivity was good. However I had problems with excess aromatization with HCG so had to stop. Now on Test only my sensitivity has decreased quite abit I have found. My plan is to go back on, but lean out this time as I was a fat knacker and I think that was causing my E2 issues, not the HCG itself.

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I’d look at what regulates sensitivity. I always thought that was more of a dopamine/prolactin thing, and maybe less about e2 (but maybe that does play a part). DHT levels too maybe?

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Welcome to TRT. Sometimes, increasing E2 helps, sometimes it needs to be decreased. Sometimes, increasing testosterone helps, or decreasing it, maybe because either effect E2. Some times hCG helps. Perhaps due to E2 impact. Frustrating.

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