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What Would Happen If I Applied Scrotal Cream to Penis Shaft or Head?

Would there be any increased sensitivity? Any other benefit or waste of time.

Pilot study of the transdermal application of testosterone gel to the penile skin for the treatment of hypogonadotropic men with erectile dysfunction - PubMed (nih.gov)

So they were testing the effectiveness of test applied to the penis in fixing ED, right? Not testing to see if it would still absorb and raise TT levels? 1/3 success rate doesn’t look awesome

Its not like a clit. It wont grow

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It’s silly, a waste of time and money.

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I was only wondering if anyone has tried applying some of the compounded scrotum cream directly to the head or shaft and if so, was there any difference noticed like increased sensitivity at all. I was never under the impression that it would make it bigger. And frankly girth or length isn’t an issue for me. It’s the ED and sensitivity.

How long have you been on TRT?

Consistently, for the past 1.5yrs. Was on 100ml T Cypoinate once a week. The past 3-4 months, I was inconsistent with taking it as I started to get skittish with the needle. So I decided to try the compounded scrotal cream. I’ve been on it for approx 2 weeks. It’s a Lipo Cream Base 200mg/G clicker. I take 3 clicks (3/4 GM) morning and at night.

My major symptoms:
ED and libido.

According to that study, it helped with ED 1/3 of the time

Has the cream helped?

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I’ve noticed increased energy. I’ve started having random soft erections. I’ve very definitely noticed how it’s helped me with my workouts. Slight increased libido.

I’m wondering if I should stick with the 3 clicks for now or bump up to 4? Or maybe it’s too early.

I’ve also been told by a friend to incorporate niacinamide. 500mg slow release into my daily regimen, as he says he felt it helped his ED. And he advised b12 to help with the lack of penile sensitivity.

Any thoughts?

I’ve heard talk about a testosterone to estrogen ratio? I started taking scrotal cream recently and this was my lab before starting. I went with one of the popular online TRT clinics. The dr also mentioned they only give an AI in certain circumstances.

Also, another Dr gave me a “fractionated” estrogen test and she commented that one seemed way too high. Is it really best to stay away from the AI? Also, i understand that as my estrogen increases with TRT, sensitivity should return? True?

If possible, yes.

That has been reported. There are estrogen receptors in the penis, however elevated estradiol levels can increase ED.

The role of estradiol in male reproductive function (nih.gov)

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How are you liking the cream? I’ve been on injections for 4 years and decided to switch just to see what it’s like. Was thinking 2-3 clicks AM and 1-2 PM, won’t get it until next week tho. Do you do them all to the balls, or do shoulders/legs/etc? Any DHT issues?

All to the balls. I asked her about ED and the cream and she said similar to injecting, it takes some time. I’ve noticed the libido coming back, albeit modestly. But still don’t feel the sensitivity. I really miss the sensitivity and I think it’s given me anxiety-depression. I don’t understand why the sensitivity started going away in the first place. It’s horrible.

Without reading back through this you’ve gotten prolactin checked, right?

It shows in the norm but should it be lower or leave it alone?

Hmm I’m not really sure. I got mine down to like a 7 and felt pretty decent, using P5P. But I’ve stopped taking that lately and don’t feel any different, so maybe it wasn’t doing anything for me after all? My PRL is usually on the high side tho before all this

I ordered P5P. I’m also taking DHEA 5mg. The trt dr recommended 100mg DHEA as it was slightly low, but systemlord recommended a 5-10mg I believe so I went with that. I’m also taking b12 1000mcg per day. I saw a neurologist and a urologist and even had an ultrasound done and they both tell me that they see nothing physically wrong to explain the lack of sensitivity. Frustrating.

I have heard many others say they experienced increased sensitivity when using HCG, have you tried it?