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What Would GW-501516 Do for Me?


Hey All,

I'm sitting at 185 lbs right now at the end of a semi dirty bulk. I know it's about to be winter but I still want to cut. I purchased gw-501516 to aid in the fat burning process, haven't started it yet. When i receive it in the mail, I plan on starting out on 10mg ED and increasing to 15mg if necessary. Based on the picture I have attached, what do you think GW-501516 would do for me?


Honestly after taking the plunge into aas(BAHAHAHAHA PUN INTENDED), i don't think I would even bother with peps.


Yeah everything else sucks but I'm really trying to hold off AAS as long as possible after a botched last cycle, Damn Ethyl Oleate.


idk give it a shot then, when its on sale from my source its like 50 bucks.


well, i'm using GW1516 with Ostarine right now....

a couple things....

-what kind of workout do you do? this seems to matter a lot, as far as the effects from GW.....

-GW has a long half-life (like a day or so), and i would suggest starting at 5 mg/day for at least a couple days, and taper up, if necessary (also, i'm 6'2" 260 so i don't think body size has much effect on dose). i started at 10 mg, and most of my workout are MMA based, and this stuff killed my cardio. however, i recover absurdly fast now.... i did some brief research, and it might act like DNP (PPAR activity). if i lifted like normal and did steady state cardio, i don't think i would have these issues, though....

-you already look pretty lean, so i suspect if you did maintenance calories, this would really help you cut up...


yeah that's what I got it for $