What Would Cause SHBG Levels to be Elevated?

I have SHBG levels of 62 Which are similar levels to a 60+ year old man. I am 26 years old…
What can cause this?
Not really looking for an answer on my case in particular but in order to understand how the body works.

Still need your context!

You can do this, use wiki to study: Sex hormone-binding globulin - Wikipedia

I guess what i am trying to figure out is what effects SHBG. How to decrease it? Is SHBG set in stone based off of certain hormone systems? ie pituitary or thyroid.
In the stickies SHBG seemed to be tossed aside and to focus on FT. Could higher levels of SHBG be the cause of lower FT numbers?

Hyperthyroidism can cause high SHBG, as can liver problems.

Increased SHBG does decrease FT. Increasing levels of estrogen cause the liver to increase its production of SHBG. SHBG then collects hormones and the liver clears SHBG+hormones.

You cannot directly do anything about SHBG. In a TRT context, one can monitor and manage E2 and that will take care of business. Effects of other pathologies can be reduced by dealing with the pathology.

Thanks for the info guys! I never really took the time to figure out how the male hormone system works, until now.
Would doing a liver cleanse effect the hormones in the blood stream?