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What Would Be Cheaper?


Would spending money on cutting supplements be cheaper than having liposuction?


This could be the most vaguely stated question ever posted on this site.

What are your stats? DIET? Long term goals?


Hard work and dedication are free.



Tube Steak Boogie.

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im pretty large. i have about 20-22% body fat. my goal is powerlifting but im still stuck with a gut.


Read up on Dr. Berardi's stuff.

It works!!



If this is a serious post, then look up "Westside for Skinny Bastards" by Joe Defranco. Good intro to the Westiside template.

However, if you are actually thinking of getting lipolsuction instead of working out, this is not the site for you...


If your goal is powerlifting, why do you care about your bf%?


Pretty large and stuck with a gut is a unique way of saying that you are a lazy fat guy. What do you mean by "goal is powerlifting". You either do or don't.
Definately wrong place for you.

Google liposuction because supplements alone won't get you in shape.


Sounds like your diet is the problem, not the lack of special supplements or a liposuction. Take this (Tailor Made Nutrition by JB) as a starting point:


By the way, if you have any specific questions, we definitely need more information.


There are downsides to liposuction though.

Your fat cells are only created when you are young. After a certain age they either grow or shrink. If you liposuction them out you are actually REMOVING them. Therefore if after liposuction you dont change your habits and start to get fat again you can be unusually "BUMPY". Lumps of fat where you do have cells and pockets where you dont. You could be worse off.


ok, i am about 5'5" 266lbs. when i said my goal is powerlifting it was because someone asked me about my longterm goals and yes i want to start powerlifting but i also want to loose a little more body fat as well. im not sure what you mean by lazy fat guy. ive been playing organized football for 7 years. ive been a track and field shot put thrower for 3 years. i also lift weights at a high intensity 5/7 days a week with cardio at least 3 times a week with 45min. or more. please define lazy for me because that ticked me off.


I think in your case "lazy" would refer to being too lazy to pay enough attention to what you put in your mouth to lose fat.

As long as you're healthy, there's no reason why you couldn't significantly decrease body fat by just altering you diet.

I never thought I'd hear someone claim that they were considering liposuction so they could be a powerlifter!


Well pankie, lazy could be defined as somebody who seeks an easy answer to their problems. For example somebody who is looking to replace hard work and tedious dieting with a magic pill or surgery.

Reread your opening statement. You don't ask about diet, or training, you ask about a quick fix. Do you think that one assuming you are lazy would be wrong?


Pankie, you are 18, yet you only talk about a liposuction, Superdrol and the like on this and other threads. Do you really consider having done everything else in your power to achieve your goals?


The price of lipo can buy alot of healthy food, a gym membership and maybe some HOT-ROX later on.

If you just use lipo to maske the problem, the bad habits will still exist if you don't make changes in your diet and lifestyle.


Lipo won't build you muscle.


"It's your diet, stupid!" - Chris Shugart

So, if you're serious. . .



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Do the math.

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