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What Would Be a Good Size Goal for Me?


I’ve been lifting consistantly for about 2 years now. Trying to make up for sedintary jobs/lifestyle in my youth. Now I’m 32, 5’7 and weigh around 226lbs bodyfat around 20%…not bad considering I was around 250lbs a few years ago. Bench around 300lbs, Squat 400lbs and Deadlift 300lbs. A good friend is head of the local bodybuilding association…recently she told me she wants to recruit me but I have to cut down extensively first. I’m not stupid enough to think I could ever be a pro or do this overnight but any advice/ goal that would help?


Unless you want to compete in one of the weight restricted divisions, it doesn’t really matter. You just need to look big, rather than actually being big.


Yeah, guessing a target weight is silly. You’ll see guys who weigh more than they appear to and vice versa. Just work on adding muscle and losing fat and eventually it will “come together” as a good enough body composition where a ln actual contest prep would be a good idea.



Yeah…Idk about my body composition as well as I should. I just dunno how much weight I should drop…I hold a sh*tload of water too.

Forgive the lousy camera work…my wife went to work before I could ask her to take the photo


A ballpark estimate, but I suspect you’d have to drop 60# to be stage-ready.


I’d say the best approach would be to set up a diet that SUPPORTS your training but doesn’t retain the “extra.” You’ve definitely got muscle there, just need to INTELLIGENTLY (no crash dieting!) whittle away while still being able to add more LBM.

Also, if you’re unassisted, you can’t retain water :wink:



based on what? Your appearance? That’s not water, my man.


I’d guess a similar number, it’ll be hard to gauge while you’re still carrying a lot of fat. You’ll probably have a clearer picture once you get down to around 180-190.


Oh I know I’m still a fat fuck lol. I say I hold alot of water due to how much I sweat out when training. I have shed 2-6lbs of water weight in a session before.


Thanks will keep you guys updated.


You could certainly be a pro in a natural division if you work hard enough. You are correct it’s not an overnight thing, getting ready for a bodybuilding show is a long journey, a marathon, but can certainly be done.

If you want to seriously see what it’s like, and cut down on fat, the best thing would be to

and create a caloric deficit. Weigh your food, carry your cooler, don’t deviate, maintain rigid consistency (except family events, weddings, etc., when you enjoy yourself within reason, and plan ahead for a day of nutritional debauchery). Do that long enough, and you will absolutely lose a ton of fat and see your physique come to life.

I’d also recommend not having a super specific number in mind regarding how many pounds to drop, because there’s really no way to know. My guesstimate is you’d need to lose 30ish pounds to start seeing some definition. At 5’7" and a couple years of training under your belt, a guess of stage weight would be 160ish. But, you’re not trying to get stage lean yet, but would be good to drop enough fat to see what’s under the hood and decide if you really want to proceed with a prep and show.

Good luck, keep us posted.


Much appreciated guys. I usually have a few self depreciating jokes about my physique so I’m greatful for the feedback. I will keep you posted.


Current progression fellas. Friend of mine is actually head of the island (St Maarten) Bodybuilding Association and she’s monitoring my weight loss progression with interest. Apparently she’s wanted to recruit me for the past 2 years. Anyhow…from Left to Right: Sept 31st at 232lbs, Oct 31st at 225lbs, and Today: 207lbs…I think she has me trying to drop another 20lbs now. I’m feeling ambitious so I think I’ll aim to lose 25 by Jan 31st.


Nice. Keep pushing. Worst prep drop I ever did was 38 lbs in 20 weeks,… it was brutal, but IMO worth it (I didn’t do anything stupid and despite the suckiness at times, I retained a ton of LBM during the process).



Update: Current weight is around 205-210lbs…depending on the amount of water I’m retaining.
Ramped up the Cardio to a 3-4 mile jog everyday (not speeding through it but alternating speed with slow times), Counting calories as often as possible…Also playing around with my lifting techniques thanks to some trainer friends who give tips in their spare time. Thanks again fellas for the feedback…it really is a good kick in the ass.


Wait,… 207 13 days ago and now 205-210? I’m glad you’re pushing hard but you need steady movement (and a solid amount each week) if you’re aiming to reach your end goal.

Also, if you’re not using any steroids you can’t retain water. The body adjusts to sodium and water fluctuations very quickly.



No Steroids dude…I have had offers but I don’t know enough to even consider going enhanced. I seriously just gain water weight easily. I weighed myself yesterday and it’s bottomed out at 202-203lbs. I can start a workout and weigh 4-5lbs heavier than afterwards from just sweating…especially with the 30min cardio sessions I do prior to weight training.


Being Dehydrated is one thing, but you can’t retain water Unless you have a serious medical condition.