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What would a T-Man/Vixen/Country do!?!?!?

Both WTC towers down, Pentagon missing a chunk, many lives lost, all 'cos some Arab prick doesn’t like the US… so, I put it to the T-folk, based on current information, how should the US, and the world, respond to this attack?

carpet-bomb every arab nation in the middle east until somebody owns up, then nuke the fuck out of the parties responsible.

we should hunt down and kill all terrorists, but I do sense a little racism in your “arab prick” comment. maybe I am wrong but if I am why would it not just be some prick ?

for starters I’m defiantly biased based on my religion but the US can officially stop criticizing Israel for responding to terrorism-2nd they can follow Israel’s lead by bombing the shit out of them…

Excuse me, but did i miss where they have found the people responsible??? they have been tried and found guilty? we DO NOT know who is responsible or where they are from so QUIT THE RACIST AND ETHNIC COMMENTS!!! this guy that everyone is blaming? he bombed the world trade center before? well why the hell is he still alive? in any case, the PEOPLE responsible should be drawn and quartered. i don’t give a shit who they are or where they are from. if it turns out they are my next door neighbors they still deserve it. i do’nt giev a shit what god they pray to or what nation they call home. that is just not the issure here.

This is one case where you don’t need
to know which terrorist is responsible.
Just kill them all: any terrorist group
that is opposed to the United States
must be eliminated regardless of whether
they happened to be specifically involved
with this attack or not. They’re all comrades
with each other and support each other
anyway. The more terrorists
are destroyed, the better deterrence
against any ideas of future attacks like this.

So I don’t go with the theory that we ought
to plod around trying to make an airtight
court case as was done with the USS Cole
attack. If bin Laden’s organization had
been destroyed merely on reasonable suspicion
for that attack, as it should have been, then today’s attacks would
not have happened. I hope Bush can realize

Yeah that was too quick of me, just going on the media labeling arabs, and since when did we believe the media… [grin] OK, so they’re just pricks. The question stands. How far should we go in retribution?

Michelle, Bin Laden did bomb the WTC before. The reason why he isn’t caught and thrown in jail is he is in asylum in Afghanistan. This is a guy who moves within Afghanistan 3 times a week, so he is very hard to track down. He has about 25,000 followers all over the world who would do anything he tells them to. Also, this man is very wealthy. He has funded many terrorist attacks on parts of India. So to answer your question why isn’t this guy dead from bombing the WTC before, it is just too impossible to kill him at this point. But that might change.

On further thought: I think we need a new
doctrine with regard to terrorist organizations. Namely, that the standard
we require to take action is no longer
“proof beyond a reasonable doubt” that
they were responsible for a terrorist
action, but rather merely reasonable
suspicion. Given reasonable suspicion
of responsibility of or complicity in
any terrorist attack on the US, including
harboring or providing any provisions
or money for anyone involved in any way
in the attack, our response is complete
destruction of that terrorist organization.

Might we sometimes destroy a terrorist
organization that happened that time
to not be involved in one particular
attack? Sure, but SO WHAT! They’re
terrorists and taking them out was
a good thing regardless.

Only this type of doctrine will bring
and end to this. Our former doctrine
i.e. as with our “response” to the
USS Cole attack simply does not work
and we must go to a far more effective
approach – regardless if this happens
to mean killing a few thousand murders
and would-be-murders of the wrong
terrorist organization from time to time.

I wish I could express these views on a
forum read by anyone with any influence
in this, but this is the best I can do.
We do have to change how we respond
to terrorists. We’ve been treating attacks
as crimes committed only by individuals,
and imposing upon ourselves burdens of
proof that have been unworkable and have
made us a joke to the terrorists,
rather than viewing these attacks as the acts of war by murderous
organizations that they are and responding
appropriately with overwhelming force.

Only the death of thousands of terrorists
in response to this attack will prevent
future such attacks. Kill them all, if
they’re part of any terrorist organization,
and sort them out later. They’re not
“innocent” if they are in or are associated
with any terrorist organization – let’s
not hear whining about how they’re innocent
until proven guilty or anything like that.

Hey Bill, would you mind if I quoted your last post on another forum? (PPRuNe.org) It’s got a lot of good points.

I have been glued to the TV all day long. I’ve even taped about 6 hours of this rubbish for purpose of personal documentation. I went through a roller coaster of emotions today. Being the Red-blooded Hick American I am (Kansas, farm boy), I’d like to “spit some beechnut in that dudes eye”, pack up my shotgun, and bust some ass. But, after going to Mass tonight, I am thinking on new grounds because of the following scripture we discussed: Luke 23:34 Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” I don’t have any answers of how we, as “T-folk”, should feel or handle this situation. However, I do feel that this Nation was based on Christian beliefs and that we should adhere to those beliefs. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t bring whoever is involved in this to justice. I’m just saying that we should keep in mind, while deliberating what that justice is, what this Nation’s principles were founded on. IN GOD WE TRUST. Finally, as our great President Bush put it, “God Bless America.”

The Taliban in Afghanistan said they would not allow Bin Laden to operate from there…true?
U said something about Laden moving within Afghanistan 3 times a week? can’t we track him down and do something? Wondering…i wish someone would present the specifics on why it’s hard to catch Laden…

I whole heartedly agree with Bill. This is an opportunity to target all terroist groups in the Isalm nations and do away with them once and for all, they are all guilty by association. Anyone/group/nation who is responsible for causing terror should be removed from our earth. Today was a terrible day for all Americans. I live in New York City and watched this tragedy unfold, with parents calling to see if my girlfriend and our roomate wew still alive. My question is how could we let this happen in this country? How did we all get so stupid and lazy and fat and not think this could happen to us? How could we let these people give us the ultimate mind fuck by using our own planes and our own people in their suicide mission? The tragedy that happened today is mostly our fault because we did not truly believe something so heinous could happen in our country, it never has before and we have been through two world wars! This is our wake up call. It’s time to close off the boarders to anyone questionable and to remove those in our country who pose a threat to our safety. Terrorist threats should be handled with action swiftly and harshly, we should never wait for an incident to happen to act. We are dealing with nations of people who think it is the greatest honor to Allah to kill Americans! How do you deal with people whose beliefs are so extreme that they cause the terror and suffering many Americans experienced today? You strike them down so hard they never raise a hand against the innocent again.

Oops! I wrote that Bin Laden bombed the WTC before. Even though the bombing did take place in 1993, I’m not sure if he had anything to do with it. My bad.

i have read all the condolences for the guy who lost his mom, all the very many references to God. then i read the ‘what should we do?’ and all the responses. ‘Kill em all and sort em out later’. ISNT THAT WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! i consider myself a T-man, but first and foremost i am a Christian, i dont believe in situational ethics. i am not going to say what we should do, but i pose this question: how many jaws would drop if we some how responded and overcame nonviolently? please, love thy neighbor, only evil is our enemy.

I feel it is God’s place to have mercy on their souls’ (whoever is responsible)if (s)he so chooses and we are in no position to be playing God. So take 'em out, all of them; any terrorist organization is guilty by association, and any country known to harbor a terrorist organization is likewise guilty. This was an act of war and the law enforcement officials have no business worrying about “who done it”.

Bill, while I can understand your point of view
I have a few issues with your statement. You said

"Only the death of thousands of terrorists in response to this attack will prevent future such attacks. Kill them all, if they’re part of any terrorist organization, and sort them out later. They’re not “innocent” if they are in or are associated with any terrorist organization – "

How do you plan to kill thousands of terrorists? Find a cell of 20 in a town and then carpet-bomb the town to make sure you got them all? By that logic you could argue that
any terrorist attack could be going after 1 person and the rest is acceptable collateral damage.

Terrorists are not innocents and they should be dealt with, but how are your actions any better than terrorists if you kill 10 000 innocents to get to them?

I have also read that Dubbya has stated that
he wants to get those who also “harbour” these terrorists - well and good, define “harbouring”
the fact that terrorists happen to be in the territorial borders of a country? If so, then anyone is responsible for harbouring the rapist/ serial killer in their community.

I agree with Michelle, you’re gonna need proof to do it right and maintain the world’s support for your actions, sympathy only lasts so long as the last thing that happened and atrocity met with atrocity solves nothing.

sigh Not that I think any sort of due process is gonna be followed here…I just hope the bastards that did this DO get what they deserve.

I thought I should sleep on this before answering, but right now I think that the punishment should match the crime.

Sandy Berger said our new doctrine should include measures against those who harbor these terrorists and those who spread terrorist propaganda. I never understood why we stand idly by while various groups call for our destruction. The people calling for and coercing people to commit these acts should be held accountable. I feel Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea and even China should be held accountable when they incite their people with hate rhetoric.

Is it just me, or is there an over-abundance of people that just don’t want vengeance? Now I don’t want indiscriminate killing, but I do want blood. I’m not afriad to say I want to see people die for this, and deep down I think that’s what the majority of people want too. Comments…?