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What would a T man do?

After reading some of the recent posts about “fat” people and being a regular reader of this site I have to wonder about what a real T-man would do? Would he be willing to help or just sit back and ridicule? I just put on 20 lbs on a belt to work on my pull ups. I thought - man is this what it would be like to carry a 20 lb belly around all day? Those “fat guys” are really working hard carrying 100+ lbs all day! I doens’t serve any of us to have so many obese people in our country. What would be a real t-man response?

I say only help when asked. If someone really wants to change they will do the research on their own. Other wise they wont really listen to you.

I decided a long time ago, that I would be a positive influence on a healthy lifestyle and on weight training. If someone who is beginning to embark on a similar lifestyle and is obviously overfat (isn’t that a better term than “overweight”?) approaches me with questions and maybe some type of guidance - I will be happy to oblige. I don’t sit around and “ridicule” fat people - for gods sake, we’re too busy in the gym and afterwards to sit around and play “spot the fat person then laugh”. The best anyone can do is live your life how you want to - be a ambassador of a healthy lifestyle (if that’s your goal), and make your actions representative of that.

obviously most people on here would be helpfull and not hurtfull… those that wouldn’t be helpfull and be jerks, in a few years will come around. On this forum people can rant and rave. Its just a way of blowing off steam and entertaining e/o not real life.

“It doesn’t SERVE ANY OF US to have so many obese people in our country”??? This reveals your ultimate in arrogance. SERVE YOU? You should help out or just close the mouth. IMPROVE YOURSELF, and set the EXAMPLE. That’s how I do it.

I go with Pat on this one. When people see me eating clean, and avoiding the “goodies” that are often in the office…and they see the positive change it brings about, the ones who WISH to change will ask. At that point, I give them all the help I can.

So…I think that being an example of a healthy lifestyle (WITHOUT all the arrogance and “Adonis Complex” stuff that you see) is best. The end result is that a person has to WANT to change.

As a former fat guy myself, I will offer my advice and help only when asked. People know they are fat, and for the most part know that changes need to be made and will ask if and when they are ready. I will certainly help and go out of my way for anyone that asks and is serious about improving themselves.

I’m striving hard to be positive influence on friends interested in weight training.

I have a lot of sympathy for fat people. That is, I have sympathy for fat people who want to change their bodies and are willing to do what’s necessary to do so. I don’t feel for the heavyweight couch-jockeys who stuff their face with potato chips and ice cream and constantly bitch about their ‘gland problems’. See, I used to be a fattie (195 lbs at 5’3”). Granted, I was a muscular fattie due to heavy lifting and eating like a ravenous pig, but I still looked like, and was treated like a fat guy. I had a 37 inch waist, which at my height made me look quite , uh, “unappealing”. Now that I’m leaner, and working to constantly improve my physique, overweight people tend to ask me for help. I sit them down and tell them this (it’s long-winded but it saves me listening to some of them bitch and moan later when they can’t get anything happening in the mirror): “If you’re sincere, I can and will do everything I can to help you. If you truly want to lose fat, build muscle, and STAY lean, you are going to have to restructure certain areas of your life. You will have to re-conceptualize food as fuel for your body, and not just a treat that you give yourself three times a day. Everything you put in your mouth will affect how quickly, if at all, you will attain your goals. Replace snack-cakes with fresh fruit. Replace pork sausages with lean red meat. Replace white-bread with whole grain bread. Ditch anything fried, greasy, or ‘twice-breaded’. Eat healthy fats. Drink about a gallon of clean, filtered water a day. As for exercise, you will have to incorporate some kind of intensive, rigorous regular physical activity into your life, and you will have to most likely do it FOR THE NEXT 30 OR 40 YEARS. So pick something that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be weightlifting, but it had better make you sweat your ass off. No infomercial gadgets, no 3 minutes a day, twice a week, and no ‘non-impact, sculpting, toning and slimming’ workouts. You will need to spend hour after hour (but one at a time, please) sweating and straining in a gym, in a pool, or on a track. If it sounds hard, that’s because it is. It wasn’t easy for me, but I did it, and I continue to do it. I’ll do it until the day when my body simply won’t let me anymore. Then I’ll switch to something that my wrinkly old body WILL let me do. The secret to an athletic, healthy lifestyle is this: IT’S WORTH EVERY SACRIFICE. Don’t feel like you need to make radical changes overnight, though. No need to be overwhelmed. Start slow. Start eating healthier, and hit the gym a few days a week. Don’t burn yourself out too early, because you may never re-light the fire that got you in there in the first place. At first, results will come very fast. Then, they’ll slow down and you’ll have to work harder. Stay hungry, and stay motivated. Read and learn as much as you can, and don’t expect that you can replace a clean diet and smart training with a pill, powder, or potion. If I can do it with sub-par genetics, then so can anyone else.”

When I give this little spiel (or variations of it), I can tell when people are sincere. Their eyes light up as they realize all the bullshit they’ve been fed about diet and exercise, courtesy of the media, is just that: bullshit. They realize that they CAN change the way they look. They get fired up. They want to take the next step. Damn, that feels GOOD. However, when they aren’t sincere, they get a look of desperation as if to say “Wow, I’m certainly not ready for all THAT! I’m going to go get a low impact exercise video tape. Right after I get back from the Dairy Queen”. So in short, if the desire is already in the person, all a T-Man has to do is light a little fire under their ass. If they really don’t want it, don’t waste your time.

Demo, your post has left me speechless! I couldn’t have said it better myself. It ranks with Churchill’s “blood, sweat and tears” speech. Way to go!!!

I leave people the fuck alone. If somebody wants my help I give it, otherwise to each his own. If you want to be fat, be fat, I would like you the same, unless your a girl I am trying to date, and since I am married, I don’t have that problem.