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What Works

I have researched and tried several supplements over the years that are supposed to help increase LBM with proper nutrition. Most of the supplements out there don’t work, or don’t have lasting effects. Other than steriods, I’m wondering if the only supplements that truely work at building LBM are pro-hormones, like MAG-10. Do you have an opinion? If you want to gain muscle and be legal, are pro-hormones the next best thing to steriods?

To be honest with you Mag-10 works great. I mean you could gain muscle by using roids, but then again they are not only illegal but harmful as well. I always question supplements and never believe in them, but Biotest has proven their name. I tried androsol and thought “this stuff will never work”, but I was wrong. I gained a considerable amount and could feel my body reacting to the effects of it. Then Mag-10 arrives and all i can say is that is you are looking for something to work and work fast to gain LBM, then give Mag-10 a chance .

Supplements that aid nutrition, for example protein powder, can be quite beneficial of course since it can be hard to get enough protein and keep fat reasonable using only natural foods. Fat burning products also can certainly help dieting.

In terms of really rapid LBM gain, yes, I think there’s nothing except those “prohormone” products which are effective (many are not) that will give this.

I put that in quotes because 4-AD (as in Androsol) is not really a prohormone because it doesn’t need any conversion at all, being itself active – and compounds with essentially 100% conversion, e.g. testosterone enanthate, aren’t called “prohormones” – and the esters used in MAG-10 are of that sort, rather than being the inefficient precursors
that traditional prohormones are.

Many users like results from Methoxy-7 also but it’s not as fast a mass gainer as say Androsol or MAG-10.

Also, A1E is a real steroid, not a prohormone. Don’t fool yourself and pretend that it’s some miraculous new compound that makes you gain muscle quickly without using steroids. It’s just a legal steroid.