What Works Well for Increasing Nitric Oxide?

Burned through a bottle of L-Arganine, and wondering what works well.

Not a pre-workout pump, but increased circulation and doseage information, and any benifits for wound healing.

Thanks in advance.

You could see if your doctor would be willing to prescribe once a day Cialis 2.5 mg a day. I think it’s proven to be effective for NO production.
ED or not.

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NO foods, drugs, and supps:

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I’d forgotten about this article. Thanks.

Boners are fine, it’s more about increasing circulation to hands and feet.

Haven’t tried P-well yet, so might order it today.

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Yeah, I’ve experimented with various “boner” things mainly for heart health, circulation, and prostate health benefits. Look into P-Well of course, but also pine bark extract and even microdosed Cialis as @Friscokid suggested. I’ve found as little as 1 mg makes a difference – normally 2.5 mg is prescribed as “daily Cialis” for ED. I don’t have that issue, but yeah, there’s a difference with Cialis, and I’ve found that the effects last for 2-3 days with one baby dose.

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Do you build a tolerance to the Cialis so that it has decreasing benefits?

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Nitrous oxide - N2O. You don’t want it.
What you want is nitric oxide - NO.