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What Works For You?

In training for strength, what works for you?

5 days a week
each major body part hit
4-5 exercises 3-4 sets no more then 8 reps
and ussually burn out exercise at the very end

low reps high weight on the core lifts. High reps for the secondary lifts. I dont really have to worry about overtraining very much so I tend to go to burnout on a lot of the secondary lifts.

Check out my training blog. I’ve only been blogging it for about a month, but this style of training has worked for considerable strength gains for me over the last nine months.


Squat often with heavy/moderate weight: Mostly 4-6 reps, with some workouts 10-12 reps

Deadlift almost never: i’ve deadlifted three times in 2006 and set a 20lb PR this weekend.

Bench is about balancing my max work with the rest of my upper body work. I can’t progress well in both at the same time. For example I currently believe I need to strengthen my shoulders but I can’t go hard and heavy on bench press every week and overhead lifts. One or the other always stalls so I will cut back on bench pressing and use the extra energy for shoulder presses and rows. After this I will simplify my accessory/supplemental work and do weekly ME work.

One of the most important things is I think if you can learn to plan for a longer term (I use the term plan loosly) you will have much better success. Your current cycle should coincide with your next cycle, developing and maintaining specific qualities as you go along. I think I’m starting to get a better grasp on this and spending less time spinning my wheels.

Finally don’t overcomplicate things. there are alot of interesting hardcore training methods out there make sure your looking at them in the proper perspective.

“If in doubt go back to basics”