What Works for You - Supplementation!

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UK member here and relatively new to the forum and thought it might be an idea to start a thread that could be beneficial and helpful to everyone, both short and long term.

First off, forgive me if there is already a thread very similar to this posted somewhere on the forum. I thought it would be interesting to find out what supplementation works for you as an individual.

The kind of supplementation I am talking about here can be anything that has had a really positive and life changing effect on your general health and well-being. Feel free to talk about health foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals and all things widely available to us. (Coconut Oil, Zinc, Magnesium, Iodine, Rhodiola, Selenium etc … to name just a few)

I would love to hear how a supplement has enhanced mood, improved hormonal health and given you a more positive outlook on life. (Depression, anxiety, all things testosterone and thyroid, overall health)

A link to my own personal story can be found here:

My current health has deteriorated and I am looking at various ways of improving my quality of life. Over the years I have suffered with low mood, depression, low self-esteem and self-confidence and it has impacted upon my daily life in so many ways. My issues are still on-going and I continue my search to find ways to become a better, healthier, happier me!

Thanks in advance to all contributors! O_L_R :slight_smile:

Fish oil, vitamin D and superfood(or any other greens type powder) will never go out of style

fish oil
vitamin D
vitamin K2
red palm oil

the last two there are food but I use them as if they were supplements. They’re essentially just a vitamin E supp and probiotic, respectively.

You are the first person I have seen on here that knows to take K2 with the D3. I am impressed!

get to know me, baby. I’m amazing.

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Thanks for the input so far! :thumbsup:

Let’s try and build a thread that will be very beneficial to everyone, where we can share both positive and negative experiences and put together a good list of supplements that really are worthwhile.

Can anyone add anything on the positive effects of Iodine supplementation?

Ill add…
krill oil and HMB with preworkout meal
Hydrolysed whey immediately post workout
greens/superfoods type supp
Bcaas mid workout
Dessicated liver with meal before endurance/HIIT workouts

1/2 gallon of water minimum peri-workout

How much k2 and curcumin?
We’re can I find affordable curcumin?

Mesomorph for my pre workout and Precision protein.


After reading TC’s article on how much multi-vitamins suck I started to experiment with most of what he recommended in his article. Charles Polquin recommended creatine pre-peri for hypertrophy so I do that. The guys at Rennaisance Nutrition convinced me straight sugar and BCAAs work perfectly for peri workout supplementation. Paul Carter also had an interesting article on post workout protein and I’ve used that for my recovery drink.

Add it all up and here’s what you get:

With breakfast:
30mg K1/K2 supplement
Vitamin B complex supplement
Vitamin D3 supplement
1.5g Curcumin (Divine Bounty, pretty reasonably priced on Amazon)
1.5g CLA
10mg PQQ
1 low dose aspirin

1 heaping tsp creatine
20oz gatorade
20g BCAAs

Post workout
24g whey
24g casein

With dinner
2.5 mg copper
30mg zinc citrate
480mg saw palmetto
1.5g CLA
400mg magnesium glycinate
1-2mg melatonin
1500mg Omega 3/DHA

I am a big fan of Maca. It may help balance your hormones. Take it consistently for a couple weeks before you pass judgement on it.

Pretty much everything else I take has been mentioned except : Red Yeast Rice for cholesterol

now this is very interesting, because I recall reading somewhere that the formula in these supplements had to be changed and now it doesn’t have the same benefit.

Do you know anything about that?

Not sure.

My doc puts all his patients on RYR as soon as they start TRT

I had read and was wondering same thing