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What Works for Me, Interestingly Enough

-Counting my macro’s but not planning them just knowing what is going on in my body and adjusting things that look wrong or could be better.

-Simply being active as much as possible. I do think that just simply being active will lead to more muscle and being leaner even if your eating too much or not enough your body will simply function better and work better at doing what you tell it to do.

-Simply consuming as much as possible with protein and carbs pre, and during workout. Limiting fat and fiber at these times.

-Lots of sex!

-Trusting your body, if your hungry eat, if your still hungry eat some more.(unless your cutting then just eat if your hungry, but don’t eat some more)

-Punish every rep like its the f#cker that stole the leg press from you.

-Carbs are your freind. They will make you happier and will maintain homeostasis alot better. I do think some people need less than others, but if you shut them out your gains and life woulda been alot better with them.

-This is what I think works the best for me out of everything. Treat everything you eat as a supplement. I think of food as what its going to do for me.

Since I started thinking like that I don’t even want to touch a peice of cake, or even a peice of 30/70 corn fed hamburger. If there’s something that would make me feel better, and be better around I eat that. Everything I consume is viewed as what is it going to do for me.

Thats it, tell me what you think, rip my post apart I don’t care, and by the way pictures are 2 years old thats not me anymore haha.

Oh yeah, when cutting only cut a little at a time, same with bulking. Going too far off basis will make you fat or lose muscle. Both things that you could be getting same gains without the bad benefits. Just my thoughts. little as in no more than 400 cals. thats max I think 1-200 is best.


haha, yup, was bored and thought it would be interesting to see what people would say.

[quote]tyreille wrote:
-Punish every rep like its the f#cker that stole the leg press from you.


Not the leg press! D:

Lol, that means war. I love the leg press it’s my favorite exercise well other than trap, side raises.

my .02

…the active as possible part has a lot of real life evidence

there is a farmer friend of mine that decided to try some training at our facility

his body is not pretty by any stretch of the imagination, 5’9" 280, does not lift weights

he does bale hay, wrestle heavy equipment, race motocross bikes(poor bikes) & work crazy hours

405 on the bar, “hey Dave see if you can pick that up?”… BOINK! no problem, terrible form, but pretty easy

this kid has the build to pound iron with the best of 'em but has no desire to do so

…just an example to support your “active as possible” theory

Ronnie Coleman - former football player
Dorian - former boxer
Marius Pudjinowski - former soccer & boxer

look at any linebacker in the NFL, “activity level” very high, lots of muscle

athletic activity & the athlete “mindset” are very important tools to support tissue development

very insightful.


So i guess this is a “what I can’t prove, but believe” in the BEGINNNERS forum? Riveting.

Yo Tyreille, thanks for this,

I was wondering if you could maybe post about some other things, favorite TV shows, cars, etc.

Thx keep em comin