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What workouts do you use for bulking?

I searched the site and found some great ones, but I just wanted to know what everyone else is doing. I’m coming off of a 5x5 program, so I’ll probably use GVT 2000 or something along those lines. Anyways, just wanted to put ideas to names, thanks.

I’m interested in what everyone will say…I tend to agree with GVT2K or Test-training codex. I like these workouts b/c they are so easy to tweak so you don’t get board.

For bulking I like to go with a longer TUT program that focuses on legs. Ian King’s Bring the Pain, Upper body and Limping series are all good for bulking.

Have you tried Growth Surge Phase II / Massive Eating.

I have done the growth surge project, and I have been “massive eating” for quite a while. For the past two months I’ve been using the “don’t diet” to drop some fat before I start bulking again.

Ian king’s programs were also at the top of my list. But like I said, I am interested in what every one else likes to use, it helps to get excited when you hear about other people’s success stories.

GVT2000 is a very very good program. But if you can wait a few weeks I have an article that takes volume training to another level! I called it optimized volume training or OVT. I’ve been using it myself for the past 2 weeks with GREAT results so far (gained some size while doing the fat fast, that’s something!).

Is “OVT” the olympic program from last week’s T-mag? I’m going to try it out soon, maybe after 3 weeks of GVT2K.

No no, OVT is a pure bodybuilding program.

Sounds good to me. I have two weeks left with 5x5 and then one week of active rest. Can’t wait to read.

I really like GVT, but if this OVT program can put on 2 lbs with caloric deficit, I’m amazed… and frustrated with waiting! Back to bulking, the HST program actually works to gain mass, it’s just a boring program; also, HST, in my opinion, neglects leg training. EDT works better, you always know exactly how much work you need to do, but unless you work out in a nearly abandoned gym, it’s difficult to follow Staley’s specifications.

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There’s nothing in HST that stops you from including more leg work than the one present in the official HST routine.

I would personally try the orginal GVT before the 2000 model. I felt the original produced better results. I would also hold out for Christian’s OVT program…it sounds very interesting.
good luck.

I might make my OVT program article the first of my column on the new forum. I’m sure that TC and Chris S. wont mind as they already have more of my material then they can handle :slight_smile:

i think growth surge is great, was first one i did gained so much muscle and size on it, training with maximal weights, 1-6, principle love the poliquin programs which i have listed just have to keep reading try diff. things see which works best for you

Could you share the details on the particular 5x5 program you’re using?

I’ll second the idea for the original GVT over GVT2K. I think that the weights in GVT2K end up being too low because of adjusting for the weak movement; if you do switch the movements, increase the weight. My front squat was really weak vs. my back squat, so I lost a lot of the effect because I used the same weight for both. As for HST, it works, I just don’t like the protocol–I was running around the gym like an HIT’er, not once but three times a week! I really prefer split routines. If I did it again I would do more leg work.

The best program you can use is the one your body is least use to. Yeah, I’m over generalizing but you can gain size with both high and low volume.

I got excited just listening about you replies in regards to OVT. That sounds great, because I’d like to add some mass after my cutting cycle but I don’t won’t to go through a full blown mass cycle before this coming summer. Post it soon!!!:slight_smile:

As soon as the new boards are up!

Is this OVT the same as the ‘staggered volume training’ you mentioned but did not go to detial about, at charlie francis’s website and at hatfields website?