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What Workout Would You Suggest?


I know you're probably sick of seeing these threads, but hear me out. I'm looking for advice for a new workout. My current philosophy is pick a couple compound lifts and do them as often as possible, making sure weight is going up of course. I am using a derivation of this:


I do about 3-5 of these lifts per day about 5x/wk. I need a change of pace I've been using this for 2 or 3 months now (with changes every 3 weeks).

About me, I've been seriously lifting for about 1.5 years. I weight about 175, bf% who knows maybe 15%. I have some pics in my hub if you care to look. lifts:

conventional dead: 396x1
a2g squats: 308x2
incline db press: 93.5x2
barbell shoulder press: 143x5

Goals... Mostly bodybuilding/physique change but I do want to get strong with barbell compound movements so they are a staple of my workouts.


How much weight did you gain following Joel's program?

I like an upper/lower split for guys who can still benefit from 2x/wk frequency and are wanting strength. But that can be changed depending on how often you can train and how much you are willing to eat.

You could also do a set up using those four lifts above as your marker lifts. And then follow up with higher volume assistance lifts for the day.

Some may disagree but I think WS4SB could give you a good base and as you become more advanced switch to something else.


I'd probably do a workout with weights.


DB Flys 10x10 SS Cable Flys
BB curls 20x10
Calf Raises 10x10
Ab Circuit
Than some Cardio to cut up

Pre Workout
Super Pump + Jack3d + Anavar

Post Workout
Protein shake . This must be consumed on the gym floor while discussing the importance of whey protein with at least 3 buddies who all agree that DBOL only cycles get you swole but not too swole.


If physique goals are what your looking for while still doing the main lifts just do the main lift and follow it up with BB work. Hit the gym as often as possible and you can use the 5/3/1 progression for the main lifts. Ill give you an example.

Deadlift + Back + Bis
Bench + Chest + Tris
Squat + Legs
Military Press + Shoulders and Traps
Repeat as your schedule allows. Good luck man.


5/3/1 Boring But Big template



Use cinderblocks, live gators, and hot women instead.