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What Workout To Start?


I have been lurking on this site for God knows how long and have gotten some very good information from here, but I am at a loss as to where I should go/start now?

Tonight I had my first workout where I felt comfortable after my hernia surgery. Sad thing is, it has been almost a year since then and I have gained weight since I had a few complications and wasn't able to obviously lift, or even run until a few months ago. I have gained almost 35lbs since before the surgery when I was in my best shape.

Overall, I have lost some strength, but not all. I can still put up 290 on bench (compared to the 335 before), but my sqauts are horrible right now since I am very ginger with any type of movement like that.

I have been looking at starting the Meltdown training, but I really don't know if that will do what I want. I am not overly concerned with gaining all my strength back right now, but also don't want to lose any more than I already have. What I do want to do is cut the lbs. back down to the 225 that I was pre-op.

Can anyone that as done the Meltdown training vouche for its effectiveness? Or, if you haven't, and just know what you are talking about, what have you done that has worked? Sorry to be a pain, but I would like an actual workout plan, not just "do something like this" as right now I do not have the time (or the knowledge with this type of workout) to make up my own specific one.



try Christian's Carb Cycling Codex
its supose to help you put on strength while your still losing weight, and that is your goal. good luck