What Workout Should I Do?

i’m 22 . on Trt 170mg a week split dose . skinny fat 5.8 106kg a lot of fat . what kind of training should i do i want to lose as much fat as possible while gaining some muscle mass diet wise , i take some multie vitmines . try to eat healthy overall more protien less carb , and healthy fat thinking in being decplient in the gym first then try fixing my diet one step at time

Do you have a medical condition that’s caused the low test?

yes secondary hypo

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Honestly just pick any program at this point and getting your eating in line and you will see results.

5 days . chest back sholder legs arm , that is what the local gym dose 5 days a week

Just As long as your doing something…

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Caloric deficit is the only way to lose fat. One can create a deficit by routine monitoring what one intakes and eating less more than one burns fat. Undoubtedly, extra exercise helps to create that deficit.
I recommend the bench press for growing mass in the upper body i.e. the chest part which is fairly an easy movement to learn and teach. To be the most popular movement of all time, seemingly as no one cares about how much you squat or deadlift, this is all about how much you bench!