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What worked while on mag-10

I am about to start a Mag-10 cycle using Growth surge project #2 and am looking for tips on maximizing my 2 weeks on mag-10. I am 5’7 and 163 (8-9% bodyfat) and am eating at 2500 cals for maintenance. Now I read everything on this sight about mag-10 and how to eat while on (so don’t point me to the search engine or articles). I put on fat pretty easy and am thinking about eating at 4000 cals., only because of the 2 a days. I’m just looking for some things other people did while on mag-10 that worked. I also heard of people saying to stay at your new weight for a while before trying to cut again. I know this is a hard question to answer, but what is a good time period to stay at to maintain your new weight before cutting. Thanks in advance.

I’m mainly interested in keeping fat to a minimum. Anyone have any suggestions?