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What Worked for You?


How you doing fellas? I am curious to know what change did you implement in your training regimen that resulted in instant change in your physique or performance. It can be anything you did that increased your bench press max, size of your biceps, vascularity, fat loss, etc. I thought it would be interesting to see how and what kind of little changes can impact the way we look and train.

For me, i started squeezing the dumbells or barbells really tight every time i perform a rep and that has helped my forearm grow tremendously.

What about you?


Using a diverse range of rep ranges rather than trying to aim for 12 to 15 reps per set. Don't get me wrong, I added some decent size in a relatively short time with the higher rep stuff albeit I was a newbie to consistent training, however nothing changed my physique such as the lower rep work. 3 months I instantly looked a lot more solid overall and pretty much base my current routine back on this very way of training.

1 - 2 lower rep 'power' exercises (3 to 5 rep range)
1 - 2 moderate rep 'hypertrophy' exercises (6 to 9 rep range)
1 - 2 higher rep 'pump' exercises (10 - 15 rep range)

Not limited to this template though. The number of exercises really depends on how many body parts I'm hitting on the day, and it is very dependent on my training split. It's more something I use for a 3 to 5 day split. At the end of the day, what really matters is the effort you put into your training. Every set and rep needs to be 100%.

  • Started to eat more
  • Don't get afraid so gain some weight and not stay lean all the time.
  • Skip the straight set (3x8 etc) and instead ramp up and do 1-2 all out work sets.
  • Use a body part split, so I can focus on one or to muscles on each workout.
  • Read more what bigger and more experienced guys on this forum do and have done.

Basically just tried to do the things I have learned on this forum and in the bodybuilding bible thread (a thread I really appreciate).