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What Won't Trigger Baldness?


ok back when i was in iraq i did a cycle of DBOL and saw maximum results, but my arms broke out in acne and i think i started lossing hair. is there anything that wont trigger male patern baldness for 1 cycle, my hairline has receded a tad, but nothing horrible, im 25, i slimmed down alot this summer to like 177, i used to be around 195 when i jacked d bol, im looking for the safest thing to smack muscle on my frame.


Dianabol is less androgenic than Test by value.. so IME if you lose hair with that you will be severely restricted in your choices for AAS.

That said, there are some drugs that have low androgenic value, but still affect the hair line. Stanazolol for example. This only serves to further reduce your options!

Primobolan, Anavar... um.. Deca.. maybe Turinabol would all cause less issue than Dbol i think.

There are two options as far as i am concerned if you are going to use steroids regularly and seriously (if not - why bother?!)

1) Use a 5AR Inhibitor. These drugs (basically) prevent the steroid from turning into the hormone that aggravates male pattern baldness (of which the tendency to suffer from it is purely genetic).

2) Shave your head - there is nothing worse than a guy who is balding who cannot admit it to himself - better admit it and cut it off. It was a decision i made recently and i am far less bald than many!



If you don't mind modest results and the hair is of key importance, that is the only situation in which -- other than someone insisting on it -- I've written nandrolone cycles.

Preferably nandrolone phenylpropionate.

The reason is that, uniquely so far as I know, nandrolone is less potent in the scalp than it is in parts of the body not having 5alpha-reductase. In other words, that enzyme turns nandrolone into a less potent compound, whereas testosterone is increased in potency (and additionally it has another metabolite that appears to be of significance to the hair) and other steroids are either not affected in potency or the direction of effect is not known.

There were some actors that had that as a huge concern, and didn't need maximum results.

On the general question, the only way anyone will ever know for sure is if one of a pair of identical twins uses anabolic steroids and the other does not. Lacking that, my personal impression is that the most that happens is moderate acceleration of what shortly would happen anyway.


I pretty much agree with this. When I used to read the boards years ago about all the legal prohormones/designers, people would post like they did one or two cycles and started losing all their hair. I find that hard to believe. I mean these aren't chemotherapy drugs!

In my own case I think I am somewhat predisposed but not terribly. I used to pay attention to excess shedding but now I don't even bother. I think less stressing about it causes less shedding.


This is what i believe to be true too.

Also OP, as i have run a few Nandrolone cycles you should be aware it is a very effective AAS and will cause noticeable changes in the physique.

Cycles between 4-6 weeks would be best IME. Use low dose HCG, Cabergoline and SERM PCT


i was told by a guy at work who handles alot of stuff, that 1 or 2 cycles wont effect hair much. is that true?


Sorry - i don't know what you are saying to me right now.

Handles what? Cycles of what?


More specifically, that is how it is for me - and i assume him too.. but i am not so quick to advise others on pure subjective anecdotal experience.
I also know of guys online and IRL who after 1 cycle of Masteron or Winstrol have had enough hair loss to really be concerned.. and considering how those particular staroids are made, i believe that is highly likely to be fact. Alot of it is how YOU see it, psychologically.

I prolly lost as much as anyone, but i didn't care as much. Whereas the guy i used to see at the gym who did 6 weeks of stan started finasteride soon after. (he lost his - really fit - bird due to libido issues after that. Go figure).

I can't change my hair line now - so i live my life and use what i like and shave my head - at least i am 'stacked' rather than fat AND balding! :wink:



There's only one way to find out. Do one cycle and see how it affects you.