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What Will You Do If?


What will you guys do if you were 105 pounds, 5 feet 11 inches and 18 years of age? Tell me what nutrition plan, training program and supplementation plan will you do? Please tell me how many hours of sleep and other things related to bodybuilding will you do? I have been skinny all my life and hope I will get an answer to my post. Thank you in advance.


Start eating and read what's on this site. Check out some of the beginner threads. Everything you want to know is right in front of you, but in the meantime go get some beef and start eatin'. Enjoy.

PS- If the smell of cattle is not oozing from your pores, go grill up a steak and eat it immediately.


b-mac has a point. Most any decent program will help you get stronger and grow, as long as you eat up to it. Take a look at Dr. Berardi's Massive eating protocols, pick a program, and bust your butt. You'll grow. Check out Vroom's beginner thread, too.

Once you've got that in line, take a look at the Neanderthal No More series written here to make sure you don't have any significant postural problems that need to be addressed early on. You'll make good progress working hard and eating well, but you'll make the best progress if you do so while staying healthy.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, give yourself time in your schedule for 10 if you can. If you bust your butt in the gym, sometimes you'll need that much.



I would eat everything I can find and pick a Chad Waterbury program to do.

Seriously, I like the anabolic diet, but that has as much to do with my personal preference to eat mostly meat and gorge once a week than anything else.

You might want to look into what Cy Wilson wrote about real skinny "hardgainers" eating trash food all the time to get their insulin levels chronically elevated. I couldn't find it in my very cursory attempts, so just keep your eyes open.

Truthfully, if you get enough food in your calorie hatch and are doing some kind of program in the weight room you'll get bigger.

So go eat something.


Every moment some sort of food should be in your mouth. Do your best to eat clean (read Berardi articles).

Go to the archives and start from the first article and read till you get to the most recent article. Then do that one more time.

For the next 4-6 weeks, you should be reading articles and visiting links etc. Meanwhile, I wouldn't do anything but pushups and free squats (squats with no weights).

10 pushups
20 free squats
Rinse, Repeat.

Repeat till you can't complete a full set (a full 10 or 20). If you can't do 10 pushups and 20 squats, start at 5 pushups and 10-15 squats. Then move up to 10 & 20.

Seems really basic but by the time you hit the weights you'll have a jump on must gym goers.


I would do every thing that has been suggested. PLUS instead of water, wash all that food down with whole milk. You should be drinking at least a gallon a day if you really want to gain weight.

Sleep? 8 hours minimum.


what would i do if i was 5'11 and 105?
put a bullet in my brain.

seriously, see a doctor, either a man
or woman that's anorexia (spelling) and
when he okays you for working out
then come back and look thru the site
and ask questions. also eat a lot!



Seriously. Seek professional help.

In the meantime, start eating a lot of food a lot more often.


Just out of curiosity, how did you come to be 5'11" @ 105 lbs.?
If I were there I would eat, sleep, and lift, and nothing else.


Eat. Then eat again. Then lift. Then eat some more. And after that, eat some more. At least 8 hours of good sleep is needed if you're hitting the gym hard. If you really only weigh that much which is scary, I wouldn't worry at all about what type of food it is, just eat it.


I'm 5'8 155 and I feel skinny. Dude, as everyone has said eat everything in sight. Don't just eat seconds at dinner eat thirds, and save another portion for later at night. Eat a huge breakfast, if you are like me and can't stuff it that early in the morning then eat again in an hour or two.

I'm curious to know what your daily food consumption is.

Have you seen a doctor?


Have you seen "Lord of the Rings?"

Do like the hobbits and eat first breakfast, second breakfast, first lunch, second lunch, etc.


Wow. You sound unhealthy. I'm 5'4" and if I weighed 105 lbs - FEMALE - I would look sickly. I can't imagine being nearly 6 ft and weighing that.

Eat. A LOT. A LOT! And OFTEN. Good, whole, healthful foods. Chicken, fruits, veggies, steak. Whatever it takes, just EAT.

I have a friend who is bulemic. You are scaring me.

God in heaven... Eat. Eat a big fat juicy steak and slather it with onions, mushrooms, and A-1 sauce. And grab a big baked potato while you're at it.

EAT. And get 8-9 hrs of sleep.

Edited to add: I'm just jumping to the conclusion that you are describing yourself. Maybe your post is strictly a what-if. If it's strictly a what-if, I would do the above AND I'd see a doctor.




Dude, you can't eat tapeworms! You would need too many to prepare a good dish.
Can-o-bait aren't bad though.


No way! A short chick who weighs about that or less would be awesome! I want one of those for myself!


Honey face, you've never seen me at 105. I look like I could be snapped in half.


Haha, actually, I'd do exactly what Eric Cressey just outlined in his most recent article. How's that for coincidence?

Plus the eating part - lots of eating decent foods.



Thank you guys for your help. I have just started bodybuilding 3 months ago and have gained around 5 pounds. I know that is not enough by any means but you may already guess that I have a superfast metabolism. I am trying my best to gain weight. I have a big problem that I cannot afford supplements. I just take one supplement and that is a multi vitamin. That means that I have got to drink or eat something other than Surge or the likes of whey post workout! Can you please recommend a better option for post workout meal. Thank you once again.


Whole milk, whole milk, whole milk.