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What Will You Be Giving For Christmas?

instead of asking what everyone wants or will be getting for Christmas, i was wondering… what is the best gift you are giving someone this year??

My daughter is getting a cat. That will be the best gift I’ve ever given.

As his December birthday gift, I gave my training partner a round trip ticket to St. John. We will train, sun, eat, hike, train more, eat more, snorkel and swim and train and eat some more for 10 days. Plus some massage and a great view of the sunset and we’ve got lifters paradise.

I am flying my brother and wife out to the west coast from the east coast to have a family Christmas. First one in 12+ years.

I took my wife, her parents, her sister and husband and my daughter and her fiance to the Mohegan Sun Saturday night to see the Irish Tenors. We spent the night at the new hotel, had a great dinner and buffet breakfast and then spent a few hours gambling. It created a memory that will not wear out like some unwanted gift.

The gift of love in the butt!

I bought a new Gameboy and a couple of games for my 6 yr old nephew. I think he’ll love it since he’s currently obsessed with X-Box and Halo.

Some badass shit: Ironmind CoC Grippers for Dad and an X-Vest for the bro.

I agree with the dogg, love in the butt is the best suprise gift for any family member.

wow, some cool people here. thanks for the replies.

A George Foreman grill and some deadlift tutorials for my sister, who is now finally starting to get serious about improving her health.

Knowledge: the gift that keeps on giving.

Wife: New furniture for the living room

Son: Coach Davies “Training for the Football athlete” and a gym subscription so he can train with me.

Nate, I hope you Girl friend is not thinking of giving you the same thing!

LOL! Hell no! Nothing goes near my ass!

Wife : gets to keep my name. kids: wine breath and the back of my hand.