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What Will 10mg/Day of Winstrol Do?

Hi All,

I am on 200mg/week T.

Doc prescribed me 10mg/day of Winstrol for 90 days after I complained about Deca Dick.

I’m about a week in, not sure if the 10mg/day is helping with the Deca Dick but I figured I can take advantage and go for a cut.

So question is - 10mg/day of Winstrol, prescribed for 90 days - what kind of results can I expect at that low dose on a cut? Any benefits? Should I expect a better erection at some point since it was prescribed for that?

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We need more info. You state you are on 200mg/week of T but then complain of Deca dick. Were you also taking Deca? How much and for how long? Sometimes a DHT compound can help with that although I prefer Masteron. Still, if you are looking for a TRUE TRT program then cut all the shit. Stick with the T only. You ED will likely clear from the Deca but it takes awhile. I know from experience.

You got it.

I started TRT about a year ago - doc put me on 200mg/week, or so he thought, telling me to inject .45 twice a week so I was more-so at 180mg/week.

I stayed at 0.45 twice weekly for a long time, then asked doc what he can do to help my arms grow for the summer…he said Deca is what you want. Put me on 135mg/week (or 130mg?) of Deca, injected twice weekly with T.

I got great results from the Deca - put on size, power, lots of muscle fullness etc but by week 4 I started seeing Deca Dick - not before long, I had full-on Deca Dick. 20 mg of Cialis daily wasn’t even helping - so I got off the Deca after about 6-8 weeks (forgot the exact length … was supposed to be 12 weeks but no way Jose)…

I may have stayed the course if I didn’t have a hot ass woman in my life right now - luckily she’s very understanding of the situation (I’ve been open with her…told her I made a decision and this is the consequence - you’re welcome to stick around until it’s fixed or move on…)

I’ve had on and off luck with the Deca Dick, even 5 weeks off and it’s still around.

So I told doc I’m having issues - he first had me cut down on the Deca, add DHEA, add Anastrozole etc - none of which worked.

Then he put me on Winstrol @ 10mg/day for 90 days. I haven’t yet seen the benefits of the Winstrol although it’s only been a week. Although I figured I’ll take advantage and start a cut…so here’s what I have right now:

  1. Upped my T to 200mg/week to spare muscle (going aggressive on this cut)

  2. Injecting 1 ml/day of Lipo C (helps with processing fat for energy)

  3. 10mg Winstrol daily via oral - taken 2-4 hours before my workout since it has a ~9 hour half life or whatnot

  4. 0.125mg Anastrozole twice a week - I’ll probably cut this off, the high E2 was never an issue for me

Just wondering if 10mg/day of Winstrol is going to make any noticeable effects. Can I cut pretty hard with my protocol and protect my muscle tissue I worked so hard for? I’m going for 2 pounds per week.

5’ 10"
211 lbs
Deadlift 365lbs x 2
Bench 225 x 6
Press 140 x 8 (4 sets)
Squat 265 x 6

I hope all this info helps.

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OK so I’m sorry to tell you that your doc doesn’t know much about HRT from your description. Sadly many of these clinics are run by second rate physicians. Why do I say that…? Well for starters he put you on an AI when you were having ED issues. He should know that Deca aromatizes at 1/5th the rate of test so E2 was likely not your culprit. Even then labs should have been taken to diagnose this before adding that in. It could have made your problem worse.

I can’t tell you if that low dose Winstrol will do anything or not. I can tell you that when I took low dose Deca years ago, similar to what you did, I developed ED too. It was bad for four weeks, iffy for an additional four, and then started to get better. It just takes awhile. The ester is LONG and then your body needs time to reset as well. There is likely no need for the AI right now so I would talk to him about elmiminating it. Solo Test is the best way for now IMO. Once recovered, if you want to play again then at least you know where you are starting.

I should have mentioned that I did provide them a blood test - E2 was at 80.

I also agree with @blshaw on Deca not being appropriate for HRT. As far as health and feeling good, I don’t think it checks many boxes. For growing muscle sure, but I am not sure that should be a goal of HRT.

When it comes to PEDs I am a freedom of choice guy, and think one should be able to hire an expert to prescribe them performance enhancers. I just would not call that HRT.

FWIW, I think Deca is not worth it for me personally even as a PED. Just too many cons with it. I put winstrol in that bucket as well. Just not enough benefits to outweigh the risks (for me mostly joint health as I powerlift).

Is your issue ED, libido, combo? Something like proviron or mast could help with libido, but I am unsure about ED. I don’t think a Dr. can script mast, but I think proviron is able to be prescribed.

Proviron is also not scriptable in the US. I believe the only things currently scriptable outside of T are Nandrolone (Deca), Anavar, and Danazol. Honestly I didn’t know they were scripting Winstrol. I’ve heard of scripting real HGH too but that’s not supposed to happen.

I think I’ll stay on 10mg/day Winstrol and see how this cut goes.

I’m going relatively aggressive since I have the T, Lipo C, and Winstrol in my system…hoping it retains muscle even though I’m starting to look flat from restricted carbs.

I wasn’t positive about proviron. Isn’t Anadrol still approved (at least one person told me they could get it at their TRT clinic, which I thought was in the US)? The list makes little sense to me. Seems like something like primo should be on the list, if there is adequate reason to have Deca.

After my experience with Deca and all the reading I’ve done bout Deca Dick, they should NOT prescribe this without ample warning to the user. I did NOT get a heads-up as to this common problem, and the little reading I did led me to believe that 130mg/week wouldn’t kill my erection. It sure as HELL did! I wish everyone knew about this before considering to go on Deca.

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You need masteron to help counter the effects of deca. I ran NPP (a short estered deca) and got deca dick. Sometime cialis worked and sometimes if everything wasnt “perfect” it still didnt work.

Jumped on Masteron and dropped the NPP, and its been great, erection quality is great.

Warning: this my experience but a cycle of Mast will not hurt you to try.

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Is Masteron a substance that is often faked? I’m asking because I [prefer to go pharma but the place I do my TRT doesn’t offer Masteron.

No not really. Primo and Var are the two you hear faked often.

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Not to my experience. Masteron is typically a little more expensive than Test or some others. I’m only running 100 mg/week in 2 shots. You can easily load it with your Test.

May I ask what the negative of Masteron are? Worst cholesterol? Heart issues? Bad for the arteries? Is it commonly used for cutting and keeping sex drive/erections up?

None to my knowledge but I’m certain there are some (there are always some). With the lockdown, I haven’t had any blood test for a few months (or donated blood). I can say that my Dr knows I self treat and she did not tell me to stop or list the hazards associated with it.

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What do you use to wash your piece in the shower? Believe it or not some products can be very bad for penis health, interestingly the NHS recommends washing the penis with water only:

If I was you I would moisturise it every morning and evening before bed and after showers and I’d try covering it with Vaseline before sleep

Let us know when you’re feeling better

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How did we get to this subject??? and WTF!!

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Its a DHT steroid so the main things I can think of are prostate enlargement, increase in hair loss (if genetically prone), and yes it will have a negative affect on your HDL.