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What/Who has the Biggest IPF Squat?


just curious, I KNOW I could probably find it with a little effort, but i am sure many here probably know.

thanks in advance.


didn’t cartwright just set a single ply squat record? Not sure if it was IPF or not


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZp0PzNrZLU (Edit: Big squat, NOT IPF. Duh?)

I really am not sure. IPF’s site sucks for browsing the records.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syAOuFBVtww&feature=related (Andrey Malanichev, 460KG squat)

However, I ran into this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXuuLiEN3JM (Brian Siders, 460KG squat) The announcer mentions how it’s a “world record squat”, but if Andrey Malanichev’s holds the record, at 460kg, then how is Siders’s squat a WR? (Although, it doesn’t matter anyway because he bombed out on bench)


Shane Hamman. USA. 1008 pounds. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!


Probably because Russia was banned, so an RPF event doesn’t count towards world records during that time.

Oh, and could it be Shane Hamman?


Malanichev actually did 470 kg this year, but the russians can’t set WRs at the moment due to their suspenseion. Malanichev was recently banned for life though, so I guess we won’t be seeing him setting any records in the IPF.

Siders’ 460 squat would have been a WR, but he bombed out in the bench, so that didn’t count either. Pretty sure Shane Hamman’s 455 kg is still standing, though Siders will probably get it officially soon.


squat 125+kg Shane Hamman 1972 USA 169.40 457.5kilos 10.03.1996 Philadelphia USA

this is from IPFs site