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what where why how

I have been blindly in and out of gym’s for the past few years. I dont eat correctly at all. I dont do any cardio (thanx to my addiction to cigarette’s).
Im sick of my lifestyle, i want to change, i dont just want to change… Im going to change.

I have a basic understanding of protein and carbs and all that stuff (it just seems so hard to know what to eat and when).
Im happy with my weights routine, i just think i need to do some cardio (but what & how). Also do i need to bulk up first then cut, if so how. Im 25 weigh 65kg (i know i know, i weigh as much as one of your ass cheeks).

Go to the other side of the site. It’s all in there. I think you’ll know what to do, just do it. :slight_smile:

A lot of people suggest getting a lower bodyfat percentage before going on a mass gaining phase.

Best places to start on T-mag. Use the FAQ (www.t-mag.com/articles/faq.html) and the search engine. Look at the Diet Manifesto and Foods the make you look good Nekid. Another great place to look is the Dawg School articles. Good Luck.

Well, praise thee - for thou has found the light! And the light be T-Mag! Okay, sorry, too dramatic.

Seriously, take full advantage of the search engine. Check out the Diet Manifesto, Foods the Make You Look Good Nekkid. But most of all stay committed. That's all that it really takes. And it sounds as if you are. Good. Now, do some searching and reading and studying and Good Luck!