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What/When to Get Restested After Testogel Trial?

Im going on a 2month testogel trial due to my low T and symptoms.

I have an appointment with my endo to follow up at the end of feb.

My questions are

  1. what should i get tested (just stick to the lab sticky?)
  2. how long into the 2 month trail should i get tested? (assuming towards the end close to seeing endo?)
  3. what time should i get the test, and do i apply the gel or not? (im guessing its to see how the gel respons so put it on and get a test 3-4 hours later? or would that show too high a peak and not an average?)


With transdermal T:

  • serum levels get steady quite soon compared to injections
  • but E2 may be climbing and then SHBG climbs and FT diminishes
  • you can check in 3-4 weeks
  • if working you will know
  • if not working, E2 can still increase and you know you don’t feel well
  • not absorbing might be pointing to low thyroid function
  • TT levels useful
  • FT changes a lot during the day, so FT lab results might be inaccurate
  • if you feel great, no hurry to get the labs done