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What Were Your T-Dawg 2.0 Results?


I wanted to see what kind of results anyone has had on T-Dawg 2.0.any tips would be great also thanks


Great diet. Easy to follow and effective. Used that type for getting down to an UBER lean and tiny 175 and now use the same principles over the past two years to get back up to 250. Great and easy to transition with from bulking, to maintain, to cut.


what were youre macro ratios like?


The only thing that really changes is fat. Protein is set at 1.5g/lb and carbs are either 70/100. If you knew what the T-dawg diet was, you wouldn't really be asking for macros.


yup like above said followed that when cutting and when bulking up the carbs a bit but still use the general timing guidlines and aim to get 1+ g of protien up the total intake.


T-Dawg is the best diet ever devised. my results so far since following the t-dawg are at least 45 pounds of LBM gain, while losing over 25 pounds of lard. I have been on it pretty much for 3 years straight.

It is more of a lifestyle diet, than a fat loss diet. I recommend it to everyone that asks how to lose fat.


Agree 100% great post and elequent wording LOL


That's a real positive post!
-Just out of curiousity...do you have any thoughts/experience with the Anabolic Diet?
Folks that follow the AD have the same sentiments about it... as you do the T-Dawg (lifestyle vs diet).

Thanks for the consideration,


i m 26, 6 ft, 82kg and 17.6% bf. I have been doing scrawny to brawny for last 12 weeks (Phase 3) . think my bf might have been a bit high to start with ( say 16%)I ve put on 8kg of mass but bf has crept up a little.

Aim is 75 -80 kg , <10% bf Should i keep bulking now or use T-Dawg to lean out then bulk?

I notice you used T-Dawg variant when bulking. did you add carbs gradually soa s not to increase bf you had worked hard tyo strip off?

Your advice would be appreciated


I'm realitively new to all this.

I started the T-Dawg around June 1st, since then I've lost about 5kilos. Definately see results.


I followed the diet when I first started giving a shit about my nutrition.

The biggest advantage that I got was the knowledge of how my body responds to certain foods, what effect different macros have on me, how to prepare meals in advance, how to make independant diet decisions. My diet now is very different from T-Dawg, but I use the principles that I learnt from T-Dawg to control my nutrition now.

This knowledge has proved to be more valuable than any gain/loss while on the diet.


It was the first diet i got off the site, it really showed me just how important nutrition is to results. I'm 20 years old, 5'11, and 185 lbs, i used it to cut down to a place where i was lean enough that i thought i could rightfully go on a bulking diet, i still use a lot of the tips that i learned from it, esp since i ended up gaining about some lbm while on it while losing fat.

I used it with the Ripped Rugged and Dense 2.0 and they worked great together, when i get done with my 4 month "clean" bulk, i'll probably cycle back to both of them, got a cruise in Jan. gotta get that six pack back, which by the way, I got for the first time by using this diet, I hadnt even seen my abs since I was 10, so thats why this diet is great, there, im done rambling, go back to enjoying your T-Nation everybody.



WS... you should post some before/after pics to show your results. Would be inspiring to those of us who have lost touch with our ab-ness.