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What Were Your First Few Weeks Like?

So quick backstory… I am 34 years 6” 265 pounds. I just recently went to a T clinic and found out I was running low on the T. 324 was my level. I will have a more in depth meeting with my doctor on Thursday. Anyways I did qualify and took my first shot 02/14. I never expected for it to kick in immediately and just kind of rolling with this. What should I expect over the first week? I plan on grinding out at the gym eating better all that good stuff.

Can someone tell me what your first week was like? Or even maybe your first few weeks. My shot is 200MG every week as of now. Would love to hear some insight from people. Hard to find things online so glad I stumbled across this forum.

Is your protocol 200mg/week only? Did he give you any other drugs?

I noticed mood changes first. Brain fog lifted, depression lifted, then suicidal thoughts lifted. After about 3 weeks morning wood came back, hit me like a freight train. Libido through the roof. After a couple months energy started to come back slowly. After a few months, I started noticing some increase in muscle mass, especially around my delts. I currently haven’t been working out at all, my my delts have always been really lanky, even when I worked out religiously.

You may or may not experience a crash a few weeks later which happens because you have endogenous T (natural) and exogenous T (injected T) stacking on top of each other and is what I call the honeymoon phase, weeks from now you only have exogenous T since TRT shuts down your natural production and have to wait for the half-lives to build up in your body which takes 40 days and could take longer for your body to register these changes.

This is probably too much T for you and is at the top end of TRT dosages, so you will spend the next couple months working on your protocol. Some inject weekly, others twice weekly and guys like me need injections more frequently.

You want the best advice, please post all pre-TRT labs that should at least include Total T, Free T, SHBG and estrogen. If all you have is Total T, you may be in for a rough ride as you will have explain to your doctor how to do his job.

This is a red flag, the meeting with your doctor should have occurred first, then go over the labs and design a protocol based off those labs.

Let me clarify. I was walking on the treadmill when I wrote that. Never been on a forum so I assumed I’d write something and not hear back so I rushed through it. So my first shot was 200. They said each week they are going to come down some. So on Thursday I will get another shot that will be lower. I just can’t remember the dosage. It’s a very large reputable clinic so I do not feel that was a red flag. You guys would know better than me. So I took this shot on Thursday, on Friday and Saturday my mind was racing. I could not focus on anything and it was crazy. It’s gone away now.

I went through a divorce last year and just let myself go. Started taking prescribed medicine like anti depressants and aderral. I didn’t like the way that made me feel and I threw them out. Never abused them at all. Really messed me up. I ditched it all and I have worked on my mental health a lot. I’m just hoping this gives me a piece of my life back that I have been missing for a while. I just had my first workout and maybe it was in my head but I got after it. I work out intense anyways, but I just kept going.

No other drugs were given at all yet. I went in 3 days last week to have my blood drawn. Once at 8am, 10am, and then 11am.

Thanks for the reply.

I will get all that information and post it here on Thursday when I go in. I guess they will just get me a printout of all that?

As you all can tell I am not good at using this but I’ll learn. Thank you all for some assistance. I would love for you to take a look at all my levels and tests.

Can you clarify this? You took 200mg on each of those days, or you split it up and took 67mg each day?

Edit: I think I understand now. You had the first shot and had the racing symptoms for a few days after the shot.

It is quite weird they would start you at a high dose and then taper down. Did they explain why?

Took it on Thursday… Friday and Saturday I had the racing mind. But it’s gone now. Only one shot so far and that is it.

I have only taken one shot so far on 02/14. That is it. It was 200 mg and honestly I had been there 3 days in a row and had to rush back to work. So I do not remember what dose they said they were giving me this Thursday but I will for sure ask and get that clarified. Yeah I had the mind racing the next two days in the evening but it has now subsided. It’s gone.

Just keep in mind it’s going to be about 8 weeks on a set dose before your body gets used to it. Them giving you different dosages each time (likely to build your levels up faster) is probably just going to prolong that. Don’t judge TRT until you’re 8 weeks into a set dose (as in 8 weeks at an exact same dose).

We are scratching our heads wondering what the heck this clinic is doing, by changing the dosage every week, this ensures you will not reach a stable state in 6 weeks after which the real benefits kick-in and that won’t happen if they keep changing the dosages…

What this clinic is doing is not only unheard of, but very unorthodox and it doesn’t appear these people understand drug half-lives (pharmacokinetics) and prefer to keep your levels unstable.

They are probably going to tell you the first injection was booster shot, it’s old school and no one who knows what they are doing practices it anymore because now they understand pharmacokinetics.

I would say that most men would feel good at 200 if they didn’t over analyze every little symptom that they feel. After time most of these go away: the problem is most have this fear of TRT and think it will cause a heat attack or some other nonsense.

If only they knew better: T doesn’t kill. It’s the underlying defects that cause issues when men start TRT.

I wish people would stop putting a number on how much is too much for most.

If you want to feel the long term benefits of T you will want to take as much as you can. Give it 3-4 months and only then decide if it’s too much.

Yes if you have an SHBG or 5 that’s different: but even then some guys feel great with 30-40 free t.

It’s a blanket statement to say 200 is probably too much.

Run far and fast and find a new doctor not a clinic.

Why run from it? It’s a low T clinic. They specialize in that. All I see is a bunch of men going in and out every time I am there. They all seem happy and it’s a great place. I don’t understand at all. They have doctors on staff. That’s all they do there is test for low T. They even plugged me up to a machine to check my heart and blood flow.

I don’t understand why run from a place that specializes in it. Obviously you didn’t know that part, so do you still fee the same?