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What Went Wrong?

So, I’m kinda bummed because I’m finishing up my first unsuccessful diet ever. Over the past 3 weeks I’ve lost less fat and more strength than I normally do when I diet. Nutrient intake and exercise volume have been the same as they’ve always been when I’ve dieted successfully in the past. I’m trying to analyze what’s gone wrong (that is, isolate what’s been different this time around that might account for my failure), and I can only come up with 2 possibilities: 1. I recently broke up with my longtime girlfriend and have been kinda stressed and depressed about that. 2. I’ve not been good at keeping my MD6 intake as consistent as usual. Normally when I diet I take 2 caps 3x daily religiously; this time around my intake’s been rather haphazard. Does anybody think that the breakup stress and/or missing maybe half my MD6 doses could’ve had this great an impact on my dieting? Or do you think there must be something else I’ve not accounted for? I’m most curious to figure this shadookie out. Thanks a bunch!

Stressful situations like break-ups can increase the cortisol in your body big time! Cortisol+Diet=muscle loss. When I go through stress (Exams, Break-ups, Etc), I eat to gain. For you, it’s just bad timing. Next time such a situation arises, instead of stopping your diet, get some Tribex, and slam it back. My thinking is that it’ll improve your Free T/Cortisol Ratio. As far as the girlfriend goes, I’m sorry. Try a little saying I’ve come to live by: “Don’t sweat the chicks”.

Man, what a short diet. I don’t believe anyone can determine a diets effectiveness in such a short period of time.