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What Went Wrong with My First Blast?

Hello friends,

Bit about me, 5’11, 31 years old, post cycle I’m about 95kgs and 17% BF. I’ve been lifting for about 7 years, long story short I got diagnosed with low testosterone about 9 months ago and started TRT with test ethenate at 250mg per fortnight. I know ya’ll will say I should have waited to get my TRT fully dialled before getting on cycle but after 6 years of working hard and getting almost nowhere due to the low T, I was all out of patience and wanted to see some results fast. Since I’m already injecting and don’t need PCT I figured fuck it let’s do it. I was about 15% BF at 85kgs when I started, not super lean but I’m pretty happy there and don’t have a lot of desire to be any leaner. I’ve got kids and I like beer and pizza.

I went for 500mg of test per week, arimidex right off the bat because I am gyno prone. I should also note, I feel incredible on my TRT protocol, like a horny spartan warrior. From the first week of my 500mg cycle to the last, I felt fucked. I was red like a lobster 24/7, my dick stopped working, a flight of stairs felt like climbing Mt fucking Everest, I was pissed off at everything, I couldn’t think properly and I was tired as fuck. No matter what I did with my AI, it didn’t help. I either had the above symptoms or took more and had the above plus bad anxiety and crazy jealous dreams at night. I stopped my cycle at 8 weeks because it was fucking with my ability to do my job being in senior management.

I got bloods done mid cycle, my test was double what it is usually is on TRT and my E was proportionate to that on a small dose of AI. I never tested it when I was on high dose of AI because I was away for work. The only good thing here is that I put on about 10kgs, bit of fat there but some very noticeable muscle gains that I have managed to keep. Shame it turned me into an angry dickless tomato.

So people, I’m back to my TRT dose and I feel good again, like night and day. What do you think happened? Too much test? Bad reaction to AI? I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder or anything but since I’m going to be injecting this shit for life anyway, I figure I might as well run a couple blasts every year. I’m gonna cruise for about 8 weeks, try get back down below 15% BF then have another go at blasting. What should I run for attempt number 2? Less test/longer cycle? Less test and second compound? Or should I try a different AI?

Thanks ya’ll

Edit: Hey guys just going to add some more detail here since it seems i have missed a few;
I am Australian so sorry if i used some fucked up words that you guys aren’t familiar with. Anyway, TRT prescription is 250mg per two weeks BUT I pin EOD for steady levels, works a treat. Even like this, my E is still high but so is my test. In SI units, free test is around 1000 and E is 120, this is high normal, even slightly above range. These are troughs i.e. right before next injection. In my blast, my levels were almost exactly double this. This is when i took bloods taking no AI for two weeks after my near death experience of seemingly taking too much. From this we can conclude that whether it was small dose AI, higher dose AI, or no AI at all with bloods to confirm E was not tanked, I felt like an absolute bag of dicks. Not once did I even feel ‘ok’, let alone transform into a super sayan alpha milf hunter which was obviously my expectation.

Consensus seems to be cruise for a while get my mojo back, enjoy a functioning dick again and then try for low dose blast with maybe some Nolva for titty prevention i.e. 300mg test E?

Some people can’t handle the elevated hormones well. Although your description is exactly how I feel on an AI. So its likely one or the other. I would not have started with the AI. How much were you running?

If you’re not in it to be a BB give yourself more time. Long periods of high test are going to increase your risk of cardiac issues in the future. FWIW I run a blast for 8-10 weeks one to two times a year. I’m not saying ‘do as I do’ but your goals sound similar to mine. Enjoy the TRT and then add a little ‘gainz time’ here or there.

I would try again, no AI, with slightly lower test. Just my opinion.

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You took an AI, that you didn’t need, and when that messed you up you doubled down by taking more. Ratio is more important than actual number, especially when you are way outside of normal ranges anyway on a blast. You did exactly the wrong thing but upping the AI, you should have lowered it or eliminated it. It’s a lousy choice for dealing with gyno anyway.


This is every two weeks, right? That’s a shitty dosing schedule right off the bat.

When you did 500mg/week, how did you dose that? 1x per week? How much AI were you actually taking? What was the TT and e2 from your labs? Where did the xtra test you took come from? UGL?

The likely answer has already been said; rapid increase in hormones and taking an AI you didn’t actually need, but the details could offer more

Edit: also; what’s the time frame here? How long on TRT before blast?

Yes. I don’t see that word used too often.

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You’re officially my favorite new member here.

So your constellation of symptoms are kind of baffling.

Red as a lobster and difficulty going up a flight of stairs make me think high BP, which would come from high e2.

Dick no work syndrome can be either high or low e2. Same with tired. Same with agitation. Same with brain fog, although that’s more often associated with low e2 than high. But both can potentially cause it.

Anxiety is almost always low e2.

Next time you blast go with a lower dose and no AI to start with. Use it only to manage high e2 symptoms, not as a prophylactic. If gyno is a real concern add in a low dose of nolva (tamoxifen) two or three times a week. That should protect you for the most part.

I’d also switch your trt to a better dosing schedule. 125mg once a week will be superior to 250 every two weeks. That’s a bad protocol and there’s no argument otherwise. (Realistically it should be 60mg e3.5d, but the above change is an absolute necessity while the twice a week is merely optimal)

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Thanks for the reply man, I started with .25mg E3.5D, same as my Test E frequency, then moved to EOD. Basically took me from no difference and what i assumed was high E sides, to the gates of hell within 8 hours of the second dose. Stopped AI all together for two weeks, still had high E sides and then tried 0.5 E3.5D, no difference… ended up giving up there.

Maybe I will give it a few months then go a 300mg Test E blast and see how she goes?

I actually stopped the AI all together for about 3 weeks mid cycle when trying to figure out what was happening, I also got bloods done during this time, my E to T ratio was 1:10, same as what it is on TRT… still had the majority of sides i described without AI.

Haha thanks mate, appreciate the help.

I think you’re right about giving a lower dose a try, what do you think maybe closer to 300mg? I will get my hands on some Nolva like you suggested.

Also my TRT does of 250mg per two weeks is just my prescription, i pin EOD to try and stay balanced. Probably should have stated that in my post but I felt like I was already rambling.

You left that out. If you had crashed your E2, it could take a couple of weeks to come back, even on cycle - depending on how much AI you had in your system (Clearance time for it). That’s not a great ratio though, that’s a little rich on the E2 side. What are your normal numbers?

You crashed your estrogen and that takes a month or more sometimes to get back to not feeling like total shit levels.

It likely won’t do much. Had you done 500mg and not taken the AI from the start (because you would have already read the 800 other posts just like yours) your new post would have read “Look how jacked I got off my first cycle and how do I deal with extremely high levels of vagina on penile region”.

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I had my bloods checked and my E was still through the roof after taking the AI… and 20 pounds in 8 weeks is pretty good no? My problem was that I felt like ass with or without the AI. The reason I took the AI is because on my TRT dose, I am already recommended to take an AI so I knew my E would shoot up on blast - which it did and my bloods confirmed it. I then stopped and took bloods again and my E was still high so there is no evidence my E was ever crashed apart from vague symptoms that could be attributed to a number of other things, hence my reason for this post. I’m not an idiot and I have read the 800 other posts.

Ok what was your E2 level then? Why not post an actual number? Since you read the other 800 posts you already know that what those folks called through the roof was actually not even floor height.

On TRT my E2 is about 120 p/mol, if you use pg/mL thats 32. Dr recommends arimidex to manage sides at this level, I pin high frequency instead to mitigate them.

After taking AI and “crashing” my E2 like I had suspected at the time, my E2 still came in at 230 p/mol or 62 pg/mL. My test levels were about 2000 p/mol.

Here’s my levels on 200mg TRT that I’ve been on for years and feel amazing.

I did the same shit you did with an AI for the first year. I’ve had gyno twice before TRT as well. You’ll learn the same lesson I did.

Hmm ok so what would be your advice for me going forward? I feel like I approached it all pretty logically; I have high E2 sides just on TRT with bloods outside of normal range and a Dr telling me I should take an AI, started blast with low dose AI, no change so moved to higher dose (still only 1mg per week), still felt fucked, got bloods to confirm E wasn’t crashed, stayed off AI and still felt fucked, got back on low dose AI and still no good. This is what made me think maybe it is the high test my body doesn’t like or i had an adverse reaction to the AI.

When you start TRT it takes months before your body normalizes. It took me a year to realize the high E2 sides were actually sides from taking anastrozole. The problem was I never quit the anastrozole long enough to realize it was the culprit. I’d quit for 3 or 4 weeks, not feel any better and go back on it. It took a while after stopping to feel good. Just like with a T dosage change you need to give yourself a good 8-12 weeks before you start getting the positive effects and really know how that dose of T is going to effect you. Like I said it took a year for me and I’m fairly intelligent. What you know right now is that what you are and have been doing isn’t working.

Ok thanks again, maybe patience is what I am lacking. I would actually say I am pretty happy with my TRT, could maybe be tweaked but i could certainly stay how I am for life and be happy. What i want to work out is how to blast and still feel at least as good as i do on TRT.

I don’t feel much different on a blast. I’m on 500mg of shit at the moment and just added another 350mg starting today (not all T).

What did you add?