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What Weight Medicine Ball for Sprint Drills?


Hi friends,

I want to buy a medicine ball to use at the track for DeFranco like sprinting drills.

For those that don't know what Im talking about: the drills involve throwing the ball explosively followed by a 20 meter sprint. Its meant to help with developing explosiveness and promote the proper forward lean while sprinting.

I would also like to use the ball for explosive throws as well, such as overhead throws etc.

I am wondering what weight medicine ball would suit best? I was thinking somewhere between 5-8 kg's?

Any help/advice would be appreciated.



My gym has a large number of medicine balls so I got to try this out... Go with one that weighs 4-5kg. You want to be able to move it really fast and a lighter weight will be better for this.



I was thinking about 5 kgs.