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What weight is it?

When you consider your bench press weight or your squat do you include the weight of the bar. eg a BP of 70kg and a 20kg Olympic bar is a BP of 90kg?

I’ve always just considered the actual weight, not the bar - but was told recently everyone includes the bar.

Everyone I know includes the bar. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The bar is weight that you have to lift along with the plates that you load on.

I’ve always included the bar…but in reality, this is one of those “be consistent” questions (when I really thought about it!)…

Unless the actual numbers are important to you because of some type of competition, using the poundage of the weights alone should be fine. It’s your PROGRESSION that you’re most concerned about.

One exception…the beginner, when the weight of the bar may be all that they can lift initially.

Yes, include the weight of the bar.

Everyone includes the bar.

Yes, you must be the last person to know. You should consider the weight of the bar because if you go somewhere else with a crappy thin bar you will be approximately 10Kg down on weight if you dont account for the bar.

Yes, the bar weight is included.

Well, you are lifting the bar, aren’t you?

yep, i’ve always counted the bar and they count the bar in all competitions as far as i know.

You’re also lifting the bar, so include it too.

It’s a given to include the weight of the bar - afterall, you’re lifting that, too.

My response to a question like, “How much weight is that?” is X plus the bar. For some reason a lot of people at the gym have a problem doing basic math.