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What Weight Gainer?


I am wondering if anyone has any success with a weight gain / bulk kind of product?! the gains I was making have slowed down recently and so I want to try upping my calorie intake and was thinking of using a weight gainer to do this...

Anyone have experience of using htem?!


Oh also, I currently use Grow! mixed with a cheap protein powder - one scoop of each, or PW just Grow!.

After reading some other posts, and bearing in mind I think I just need some more calories, (eg protein needs met / good diet etc) wat would your b opinions on moving forward?! I asked bout a weight gainer to substitue in for a serving of Grow! a day etc jus to up my calorie intake by a few hundred, I figured this wud b the simplest way of doin it, and also the most cost effective.

OR from wat ive read, would Surge just be what I need? money is unfortuantely very very tight, i can barely afford Grow! as it is.... :frowning:



I've been using the Cytosport CytoGainer for a few weeks.

570 cals
5g fat
75g carbs (mainly from maltodextrin, little to no sugar IIRC)
54g protein

At about $1.88/serving, it's a decent deal IMO.

Others on here seem to like making their own, which I would think might be a little cheaper. Using stuff such as Grow!, protein powders, oats, PB, olive oil.

I tried a few concoctions and couldn't deal with the taste.


My first instinct was to simply write "food". Then I decided to not be a douchebag.

What you should remember is a lot of those Weight Gainers are sugar sugar sugar. Try the patented Harris447KCalBomb nce or twice before investing in one of those buckets of pixie sticks.

1.5 cups milk (I prefer 2%)
2 scoops protein powder
2 packets instant oatmeal
1-2 tbsps NATURAL peanut butter (None of that Skippy or Jif nonsense)
1 tbsp flax/fish oil

Blend well, chug.

900 calories, a good ratio of P/C/F, and no sugar or trans-fats or any other shit.

If you want some simple carbs as well, add some honey.

Does it taste like Nathan's hot dog and an Orange Crush in a glass bottle? Hell, no. But it's good for ya.


Listen to this right here.


Yea. Mine tends to feast on grass all day, is white with black spots and goes Moo Moo all the time. If you dont have access to a farmland field you can pick him up at your local supermarket.


Classic Grow!
Peanut Butter (the real stuff)
Banana or other fruit

Blend with ice and enjoy!


I used Mammoth before and it worked well. Right now im using myodrive by san as a preworkout drink 45 minutes before a workout, not so much for bulking, but i feel alot more energized for my workouts.


I haven't used any weight gainer, but If you want a quick and dirty weight gain shake, mix the following:

50g whey
75g malto
20g flax

Works for me, and I can just throw it in a shaker and be done in a minute.

These ideas about using peanut butter and oats are OK, but I hate cleaning a blender.


Oh nice i must try that, thanks.