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What Weight After 12 Months of Training?

Just wondering what you think that someone who trains hard should be able to lift after about a year of training?
I understand it’s dangerous to give numbers as people will then maybe hold themselves back. The obvious answer is as much as possible but what would you regard as respectable after 12 months?

I’ve been training for 10 months now. My current bests are:
Bench - 225 x 2
Squat - 308 x 3
Deadlift - 352 x 1

these are my numbers at the moment.
i weigh 182 pounds at 5’7, i was around 150 when i started lifting.

It depends on :

The training method(s) you utilize
The equipment you have at your disposal
How dedicated you are
What your diet is like
Stress levels
Sleep Habits

What is MUCH more important than how much you can lift after X amount of time, is how much MORE you can lift after X amount of time than you could lift beforehand.

for the first 7 months i did full body workouts.
since then ive moved to training indiviual muscles

i train whatever muscle group feels good to train that day. so if my legs are feeling sore from squats then i wont do back that day, i’ll do chest for example.

leg day - squat, lunges, calf raises
chest - bench, incline dumbell presses, dumbell flies
shoulders - military press, overhead dumbell press, arnold press.
back - deadlift, one arm dumbell rows, cable rows
i kinda just squeese bi’s and tri’s in to the end of a session whenever they feel ok to train

I go to my uni gym which is fairly average, but i have everything i need.

When i first started training i’d train about 3 times a week, then after about 6 months it moved up to 4 times. For the past 2 months its been 6 days. I try to train every day and take a rest whenever i have a really busy day so struggle to make it, but this works out to 6 days a week.

Stress is pretty average, i’m a student so don’t really get stressed apart from maybe 2 weeks a year when i have exams.

I train at 7.30am each day as my gym gets ridiculously busy throughout the day, and during the evenings. i get about 6 hours sleep on an average night.

for the first 5 months my eating was pretty bad, i tried to eat clean and just didnt eat enough calories. then for the next 3 months i overcompensated as ate a lot but a lot of it was processed.

currently my diet looks like this:

7am - protein shake + banana
7.30am - train
8.45am - protein shake
9am - steak
11am - chicken with 50g brown rice
4pm - 4 beef burgers with cheese
8pm - tin of tuna
10pm - half tub of cottage cheese or a protein shake

i’d appreciate any advice you or anyone could give, thank you!

that’s a good point hungry4more.

my bench started out at 132
deadlift also started at 132 though i have no idea what my actual max was, i just started with 20kg plates each side.
squat started off at around 100. this is the same as deadlift as i had no idea what i was really doing or where to start.

Looks like good progress to me, keep it up.