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What Way Do You Deadlift?

^ Agreed. Good speed off the floor for a max weight.

I pull conventional, feet just inside shoulder width, with my hands as close to my feet as possible. I tend to look at a point in front of me, and concentrate on getting my hips low and my entire back tight, especially the lats.

I start with my feet about 1.5" from the bar, and let my knees come forward more than most people do, this allows me to use a strong quad drive off the floor and avoid hitching the lockout.

Conventional and I’ve recently switched to hook grip and I can definitely see myself sticking with it. Grip seems just as strong, if not stronger than mixed and the pain isn’t as bad as most people make it out to be. Hip level and stance seem to be “average”.

[quote]csulli wrote:
I pull conventional with a mixed grip. I also do exactly what they tell you not to do, which is I don’t pull the slack out of the bar; I just rip it off the ground as fast as I can.[/quote]

YEP! I pull the EXACT same way. I just can’t squeeze the bar off the floor slowly. I don’t know how people do! I just straighten my legs, and jerk my knees into the bar and make the motion as sudden and explosive as possible.

I pull conventional mixed grip, feet just at shoulder width toes slightly out. Best pull 425x4. For some reason my deadlift increases very slowly. It amazes me seeing smaller guys pulling way more than me. 6ft. 230lbs. My goal is 500. I finally got past my sticking point of 405 hopefully that means the numbers are climbing.

[quote]KyleKeough wrote:
Conventional puller here with a mixed grip and a really narrow stance (heels about 3-4" apart). I tend to like to roll the bar in, pull myself into position, and rip it. I also let my mid- to upper-back round and focus on loading onto my erectors when I initiate my pull. I’ve started pulling with my hips a little lower, but I’d still say that they’re relatively high.


You sonofabitch…

Train both. Pull conventional in meets.

Conventional. Can’t open my hips to really sumo. Not a sumo fan.