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What Way Do You Deadlift?

Following the same basic thread posted by Fletch I figured it would be a good idea to have one for the Deadlift. I personally just made the switch to Sumo as I was in a current funk with my conventional pull.

What style does everyone else us? Anyone make any recent changes and/or completely switch to the other pull? Feel free to post any information and if you happened to make the switch and it ended up being a successful one.

I pull conventional with a mixed grip. I also do exactly what they tell you not to do, which is I don’t pull the slack out of the bar; I just rip it off the ground as fast as I can.

Conventional. Way better for me. much much better power off the floor. And i definitely pull the slack out of the bar with my set-up. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, that just sounds crazy to me.

Conventional, overhand. Tried sumo but just feels like its going to tear my groin. Probably poor form.

Conventional, mixed grip, with my hands a little wider than regularly. I also pull with the bar in front of my shoulders, my hips lower than most, and my chest up (cue: show the world your nipples). I use my quad strength to help off the floor where I’m weakest, and the low hips+ wider grip help with that.

I actually made a video on my youtube channel about how I deadlift.

conventional but ive had a lot of issues with it. i feel im more built for sumo

Conventional, mixed grip. Grip-Dip-Rip, relatively high hips.
I’ve experimented with sumo in the past and also snatch-grip as an accessory. Snatch-grip deadlifting is pretty awesome tbh.

Conventional with hook grip in competition. I think my sumo is about even with it though. I like to do deficit/snatch pulls too and sometimes sumo to give my back a break.

I pull sumo. I try to pull myself into the bar when I’m getting set and drive back.

Conventional, mixed grip and with my hips a little higher than average. I like to get my feet set then bend at the waist to set my hands while rolling the bar forward a bit. When I’m ready I roll the bar back towards my shins, drop my hips into position, look forward/upwards then drive hard.

Recently tried switching to conventional, which I hadn’t done in some time.

…was doing them on 5/3/1, and noticed I had sore testicles later in the day, and for a couple of days afterward. Tried again the following week for the AMRAP deadlift and… really sore testicle for the next couple days.

Back to sumo for me!!

I pull conventional, with my feet nice and close. I love the way KK deadlifts so I pretty much try my best to pull like that, only I fight to keep my back as flat as I can, I only really let it round when I’m pulling maxes. This is the last time I maxed out.

I pull conventional mixed grip. I bend at the waist to reach down, pull the slack out while building tension in my hamstrings. Then I force my shins into the bar which drops my hips and with my upper back slumped and rounded I squeeze the bar off the ground.

While I’m doing that I try to pull the bar into my legs with my lats and about mid shin I try to basically hump the bar really hard. Chin starts a little up and then when the bar gets to about knee height it starts going down to looking straight ahead at lockout. I brace my abs hard at the top to avoid hyperextension.

edit: Feet are hip width apart and pointing almost straight forward. This makes the lift a lot more P-chain dominant. My hands are straight down from my shoulders which decreases the distance the bar travels and sets my hips up higher.

Conventional because

a)nobody has ever tought me how to sumo and when i’ve tried it has felt weird,
b)real men pull conventional

Conventional too. I overhand it till 80%ish, then mix grip it. I have my shins just inside the knurling and hands only just outside of that. I think the rest is pretty normal. I take the slack out before I pull, helps me build up some tension.

Conventional, mixed grip, rather narrow stance (shoulder width is a big exaggeration; I’d say my feet are about 30 cm apart), fairly high hips (owing to my height). Works for me so far.

Conventional, Feet a touch inside shoulder width, high hip placement. Engaged lats and flexed triceps. I find myself really trying to copy Justin Randal’s style, which is very comfortable for me.

Conventional puller here with a mixed grip and a really narrow stance (heels about 3-4" apart). I tend to like to roll the bar in, pull myself into position, and rip it. I also let my mid- to upper-back round and focus on loading onto my erectors when I initiate my pull. I’ve started pulling with my hips a little lower, but I’d still say that they’re relatively high.

^Wow…very impressive.