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What Was Your Total Test Before TRT?


What was your total testosterone level before starting TRT?
If several tests were taken please post them all or the average.

How old were you?


Also, I am posting this on several forums, so If you have answered this poll on another TRT forum please do not participate twice. I will combine the results after a few weeks and re-post the results here.

  1. There were other tests taken a couple of years earlier. I don't have them at hand, but the result was at the very bottom of whatever that lab's normal range was.


I started in late June. My blood test 2 weeks earlier said:

Test: 380
E2: 33

Age: 53


if you were a long time poster/contributor, I would probably jump in and help, but since this is your first post ever on this site, I don't know... it just seems weird.


It's all good man. I'm trying to get at least 100 responses from people who are on TRT just to have a good sample to start out with. I'm new(ish) to the world of testosterone, so I have been doing more reading then posting (I'm one of those guys who actually uses the search function, lol)

If by "help" your referring to posting up your test levels before you went on TRT then I don't see how its weird, but to each their own!


I don't care if he's new, my numbers are in the archives here anyway.


Test: 210 @ Age: 42


48 y/o
Ttl T: 271

49, 1 yr later:

Ttl T: +1500

(A bit too high)