What Was Your T Level Before You Started?

a few questions:

what was your baseline before you started t?
How much do you take?
what is your level now?
how do you feel now compared to before?

My level was 230 and it’s now in the 1350 to 1400 range on 200mg per week.
Before libido sucked, weak erections was losing muscle mass although I was training as I always have and I had brain fog.
I’ve been on for 8 years and I’m 60.
Now I feel great most of the time. My muscle mass is back plus some, erections and libido are good( too good if you ask the wife) and the brain fog is gone.

Before TRT
Total T - 576
Total E (non sensitive) - 44

After TRT
185mg, daily sub - q
Total T - 1999
Free T - 36
E2 - 72

Pre-trt I was feeling like I had no energy, drive or libido. A guy I worked with who is jacked as shit sent me to his doc and he put me on 220mg once weekly injections but that was too much. I had no clue about trt until I came here. I had night sweats and mega high blood pressure. Went to 185mg daily sub-q and felt absolutely amazing (after 2-3 months). Now I have great energy and my libido is so high its unreal. Granted there were times I tried to use an AI and felt miserable and also had to start taking iron which allowed me to actually feel the positive effects of trt (was iron deficient).

200mg once a week
Very good, lost fat, gained muscle, libido, energy, etc.

305ng T pre-TRT
200mg cyp weekly
836ng T last checked
Been on for 19 months

Total T =120 ng/dL
SHBG =14

Optimal 60-80mg ED or EOD at 500 ng/dL
Free T =20 pg/mL
SHBG =22

After stopping TRT
Total T 119 ng/dL

It took a long time to find out what worked best, 7-10mg daily injections by far made me feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life.

Progress was fast on daily injections, 3 weeks and family saw the difference in body comp.