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What Was YOUR Moment?

For those of you who transformed your body I’d like to know if you had a moment when you realized you had accomplished something.

What happened? Was it girls noticing you? Were you treated different? What were you able to do that you couldn’t before?


[quote]FatAss2008 wrote:
What were you able to do that you couldn’t before?


bang the hot girls from high school that didn’t remember who i was

I finished pyramiding flat bench, doing it the right way (worked up to 315 for 3 reps) and when I got up, I realized that girls were openly staring at me.

Its a good feeling

Girls check me out, guys pay more respect to me, I can finally feel comfortable in my own skin - I am not ashamed of myself at all

its all just a part of life, now

When I first learned to squat I didn’t like it at all, and my kick force waz 503kg

10 months later I was still squating, and my kick force now is 780kg ! I was really happy about that, and now squats are my fav exercise. (btw Im in no way strong in my squats, my max is 120kg)

It wasn’t exactly a transformation but I’ve gained about 3olbs in the last 11 weeks. Friends and workers are constantly complimenting me

It’s a nice feeling

I was training for a show in college and I was about 3-4 weeks out from the day. One day I was chilling at the cut with my roommate and I was bitching about something competition related and he straight up turned to me and said,

“Stop getting all worked about the day of your show. You are the fucking show. Every day you walk around in great shape, a brick shithouse and pretty fucking lean.”

After that I said, Fuckin A…he’s right…lol

I had had moments before where I really felt like I was onto something, but hearing that from him gave me a view of how others saw me.


Over the past year i gained 13 kilos. With a fat percent going from 8 to 10%.
I look great and ive been said that constantly.
Im rather young (turned 18 today) and i get all the times phrases like “you look huge”.
By no means im big, but im still bigger than most of the 18 years.(Weighing 95 kilos at 193cm).
I guess its just europe.


When I come up to someone to talk to them they don’t immediately look at your eyes… instead they look at your biceps (while wearing a shirt) then their eyes move slowly up your chest then to your eyes.

2-3 seconds of awkwardness… then I act as if that never happened and start my conversation… although I got used to it now LOL

Seeing or talking to people from my past and/or when those people make comments to me on online about pics they see of me.

Going from skinny dork to Ultimate badass is a nice little transformation.

When I did my combat pyramids and only threw up once.

Can’t say I really had any. I’m more concerned with strength at the moment so later when I get a better foundation I can put on some better size provided I also eat right. That’s probably why my body hasn’t transformed much in the past 2.5 years - I do look a bit different especially gaining about 50 lbs coming from 155 back then. My stats are very mediocre 240/305/425 on the big 3 but I do take a little pride in that. But I suppose if I didn’t spend so much time strength training my response would be different.

I’ve had phases of success during my routines, but gaining a few pounds of muscle hasn’t made me anymore confident. I was really skinny back then, now I’m much meatier, but a body transformation hasn’t been my main goal…yet.

in 10th grade when I put up 225 on the bench

I was pretty proud of myself

When my grandmother hugged me and said “your finally starting to look like a man. You know, have that man shape.” Then she did a “most muscular” type pose. Then, “But you can’t stop yet.”

Made me feel like I had done something, but wasn’t good enough at the same time.