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What Was Your Best Lift This Week?

Looking back over your workouts, what would you say is your best lift of the week?

I’m going with decline bench press. The weights went up like butter, and hit an all time high on reps. Woot!

Rack Pulls.

Only just started doing them, and love how heavy I can go on them.

Squatted 405 for 6, and inclined 295 for 4.

my glorious first chin up

+160kgx5reps on DL, weak but improving a lot

Flat Bench 225 x 4, New best for me.

Floor presses and box squats on 15" platform.

DB flat bench. 80’s for 18.

Heh, it was actually just over a week ago, but I still felt like posting this here.

I finally squatted and deadlifted both over 1x bodyweight.

Fatties ftw, right?

Bent-over Barbell row. 225X5

DB military press

4th set of a 5X5 squat when a FINE personal trainer/fitness model walked by. I did so well that I upped the weight for my last set and failed on the 3rd rep, lol.

275lbs bent over barbell rows for 2 reps

My best lift this week was flat dumbbell bench press 110’s x 10 full reps. I’ve been using Alpha GPC about forty minutes before my workouts and liking the results.


Dips BW (210) + 100 lbs for 14 RP

Flat bench 340x2

Skull Crushers 145x8

Snatched 90kg for a single

FINALLY got 505 on deadlift.

Austin, whats your scheme for benching?

i would say a 290 front squat.

Pulled 505 once.

The camera man screwed up though, so I have no proof.

kicks dirt

445x8 deadlift