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What Was the First Cycle Like?

I wont be planning on doing a cycle until im later in life, but Ive always wondered what the first time you did a cycle was like?

Is it addicting? is it euphoric? Is there a major come down when your done with your cycle? psychologically?

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very similar experience to bushy, first cycle was testE and eq with a var finish. put on close to 40 lbs, everybody noticed, it was a wonderful experience.

yes it is very tempting once you take the plunge to continue experimenting with other compounds. used in moderation, they can be a phenomenal tool in changing your physique. physically addicting, no, but possibly psychologically, but this is a personal thing. pct has always been fine for me, even using clomid, it only makes me slightly aggressive for the duration of usage.

im a juicer


My first cycle was like 10 years ago, I was somewhere around 24-26 (can’t remember exactly).

I did 1cc test cypoinate a week, which is about 200-250 MG per week. The first thing I noticed was erections, solid and frequent.

The next thing I noticed was I was angry. I was angry to begin with, but more angry when I was on the juice.

The next thing I noticed was my ability to push in the gym. If I got a weight stuck on my chest, I could wait a second, think about it, and explode and the weight would come up.

It was much easier to train harder, pushing fatigue out of the way and keep going.

The next thing I noticed was at about 10 weeks into the cycle, my nuts shrunk. Both were about the size of a peanut in its shell.

I had no PCT and had never heard of it. I was extremely ignorant.