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What Was Really In the Weight Loss Tablets That Made Me Sick?


I recently got some tablets in an unmarked bottle to help me cut weight for a boxing fight. A friend from the gym got them for me was $100 for 30 tablets. He told me to have 1 every morning after a big carb & protein breake or i’d feel nauseous/spaced out. If i started to feel sick later in the day he said have more carbs again as these wont let your body store the carbs and would help lose weight really quickly. He also told me there was nothing banned or illegal in them but i suspect there must be?

I took 1 most days for 10 days then stopped 4-5 days ago and have been really crook since. Nauseous and basically running to the toilet 20x a day for 3 days now…i asked what was in it he said synephrine?
I freaked out after finding this article:

Wasnt sure what to do or if there was something else in tablets? Was going to go doctors tomorrow hoping for more info to tell them?