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What Was It Like?

Every so often on this site, you will read of the Bill Phillips “betrayal of the hardcore” or “selling out” when he dramatically changed the focus of MM2K. I wasn’t party to that, but I hear about it so much, I was wondering if anyone who knows first hand of those times could put it in the context of today’s “Testosterone”?

Was it similar to IF “Testosterone” began selling Soy, doing interviews with “Oprah” and printed the newest “Richard Simmons” workout? Or was it more subtle? Just wanted to get a sense of the DEGREE of his “about face” (P.S. analogies to “Testosterone” would certainly help me understand it a lot!) Thanks!

I have the issues you are referring to. What happened is they used to run lots of questions about steroids, studies, articles, in general being pro steroid. Then Bill Phillips realized he could make more money by appealing to beginners. They started to feature “natural bodybuilders”. So, it would be like TC saying he likes boys to appeal to the gay community. Of course, he would lose his core audience, but he would get lots of pictures of naked boys (who are mostly natural bodybuilders).

I think it was that ‘goldenrod’ cover (TC called it that I think) that showed that something was reaally different.

Mufasa it all began in 1992 when Bill Phillips came out with MM2K. He was giving those of us that read the magazine, at that time, good advice for the natural trainer. Gone were the days of 6 workouts a week and eating like a pig(high cals,lots of carbs etc.) that the other mags were telling us. We were taught to keep our workouts to 45 minutes and Phillips introduced creatine to us. MM2K was also not afraid to talk about steriods in any way shape or form. Looking back now, I believe that T.C. was responsible for how “hardcore” MM2K used to be. Phillips eventually bought a company called EAS and started to sell supplements. MM2K also used to give a seal of approval to other supplement companies whose products they tested, had what the label stated. Then along came HMB which is where this story gets bad, Phillips claimed that HMB was as good as Decca and that he made great results from it, well it was all a lie, HMB does not work! It was around this time that MM2K came up with a contest to win jackets and a Lambroughgini(spelled wrong I know!) and an endorsement contract. Long story short this contest turned into Body For Life. Phillips really did an about face, in one issue we were getting “hardcore” advice and then in the next issue it was geared toward the general public. Gone were T.C. and all the other good contributors to MM2K and in were the Body For Life winners as contributors and writers. Out of this was born T-mag. I believe I’m fairly accurate with this, if there is any others out there who remember feel free to add on to this story. Im sure there are some things I have left out or forgotten. I hope this helps you out Mufasa. Peace!

Actually Cockmongrel, steroid bodybuilders are more likely to suck one or two in order to get their roids free.

I think it came when the magazine just became a vehicle to peddle their supplements. Originally, they would write truthful articles about they superiority of steroids overs supplements, pointing out that bodybuilders obtained their physique not by consuming nitrotech but by consuming steroids. There were even articles pushing for the legalization of steroids and how backward doctors were that thought that they were dangerous and wouldn’t presribe them. Wow, that magazine was a breath of fresh air.

Then they decided to do a complete course reversal and start publishing articles that painted steroids as evil, unhealthy and really not necessary because of the advancements of supplement companies. Articles giving steroid advice and news disappeared as did their previous core audience. Even though relatively few readers actually used steroids, they still enjoyed the articles and liked to learn about them. I’ve never used them, but I still find the subject fascinating.

I pray that T-mag does not ever go in that direction. I know that Bill Roberts and Brock have stopped posting pretty much due to personal situations in their life, but their absence is still disturbing. Just this short absence has really changed the attitude on the boards. I used Mag-10 and it worked great for me and I’ll use it again soon, but please don’t adopt the attitude of “supplements are so good now that steroids aren’t relevent.”

Tenyearsgone75, how could you not mention Dan Duchaine? Good lord he was funny and offensive. To watch MM2K go from that to the Anthony Robbins crap hurt.

No offense to you I am a avid BB also but I been in the field awhile… I don’t know if you know how gay Bodybuilders are out there especially’s the pro’s. I went to the nationals with my girlfiend and meet up with one of my friends and some of his friends which are gay you should have seen the way they were acting… These people that are gay have a lot of money and they were picking out the guys on stage and saying which ones would sleep with one them for money kind of sick… How dirty this bodybuilding buisness truly is… Just think of all the lies you have been told of a supplement ect…

I think Bill Phillips is not a “SELL-OUT” like I said before he was an innovator. Instead fitness being a close market to us so called “hardcore users” He marketed fitness to the average joe. In turn he made more money for himeself but others also benifited to. I know I did because I am also a personal trainer and business is better then ever because I think “Bill Phillips” made the gerneral public more aware about fitness…

So is he a “SELL-OUT” for not writing about steriods??? I don’t think so I think he just branched out thats all.

By the way he doesn’t inteview Oprah or have a “RICHARD SIMMONS” work-out in MM writers are like Jaun Carlos Santana C.S.C.S., Paul Check Joseph Arangio C.S.C.S., Dr. Jerry Life, M.D.,PH. Not say that MM is the mag to read either but it does have good information on exercise and nutition just like testerone does…

There is a world of misleading information out there. But there are also a lot of good information… You just need to pick and choose and Testerone is not the all out answer or is MM to fitness its a good starting point but go out a read text book on Peridization, Exercise Phys ., then your knowledge will be greater in the areas of fitness…

Maybe TC,or one of the guys will remember this issue,but I don’t have my old mm2k mags home.The Issue I’m talking about is way before the switch actually happened.In it,Bill Phillips refers to making the switch to mainstream,and goes on to bash the hell out of it.He says he would never do it,and list why he’d never do it.Oh well,we have t-mag.

Imagine if next Friday, T-mag prints just one article entitled “The Only Way to Train” and next week they print “The Only Way to Eat”. Testosterone changes it’s name to “T-Mag”.“Muscle with attitude” becomes “Toning and fat loss for everyone”. Then, Biotest starts a contest that offers 1 million dollars to the person who can make the biggest change in their physique over 12 weeks. The catch is that the participants can only use Biotest supplements and actually can only use Grow because the other supplements like MAG-10 and MD6 are too potent. So then Biotest comes up with a line of supps that everyone can afford including all kinds of bars, shakes, and ready to drink contraptions. Then, when someone mentions that they are following the the “The Only Way to Eat and Train” articles but are not making progress, Tim and TC say to go back to the beginning and re-evaluate your goals. Maybe you have built your best body and now you just need to maintain what you’ve got…There is more, but that is as much as I can come up with right now.

I remember the Goldenrod issue. Thats when Kal came aboard. Who the fuck did that guy think he was? Did he not have a last name? I remember seeing the issue and getting a sick feeling in my stomach. Overall it wasnt a bad issue. Poliquin had some good things to say and if i recall the duchaine column was pretty good.