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What Was in This Banned Test Booster?

I know this is a silly subject, but it’s probably not the thread you think it is.

I’m curious if anything is known about the now banned Methyl 1-D XL. This used to be sold on the shelf at the GNC on base when I was in the Marine Corps. I cycled this stuff quite a few times and I always felt like I got something out of it (placebo? who knows). My question is this: what is the likelihood this stuff messed me up (I am now on TRT due to low natural levels)? And does anyone know what the AAS compound was in this? or what it is supposed to mimic?

At this point non of it really matters anyways, more than anything I am just curious about it. I was 19-21 at the time I was using it and assumed it was safe since it was being sold at GNC. in retrospect it probably affected me a lot more than I thought it did.

It contained a prohormone, so yes, it could have messed you up.

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I used to take the 19-Nor andro GNC used to carry by Twinlab. Also 1-AD and some others.

I honestly wonder if any of these did permanent damage. I’ve NEVER gotten my libido back. This was 20 some years back too.

I used something called methyl 1-test I think it was called around 15 years back. Probably the same thing. It definitely did something. My max bench in my 20’s was 385 all natural then slowly declined over the years to the low 300’s into my mid 30’s. I took this and my bodyweight shot up and my bench went up to 375. After I stopped it I lost all my gains. I don’t think it had any long term impact though. I was fine after that and didn’t hop on TRT until a year ago when I was 48.

I think this is different than the other prohormones listed. I believe what you took is an actual steroid, that wasn’t understood to be a steroid. 1-test is a derivative of Primobolan (but stronger). You had the oral version so it is methylated (the methyl in the front). One can buy an injectable version called 1-test cyp (cyponate ester attached), or DHB / DiHydroBoldenone.

It doesn’t surprise me you got good results on this. The injectable form is considered a strong steroid (more anabolic than Test, EQ or Deca / Nandralone). The oral methylated version should be stronger mg/mg than the injectable version. The injectable version is often called weak tren without the sides. I want to run some of the injectable version, but it is hard to find and I guess it hurts a lot.

This product was on the market for a while before being banned.

M1T was no joke, fast strength gains and it would make you blow up like the marshmallow man lol. Serious sides went along with it, I believe I read recently that it was probably the most hepa-toxic oral you could take. I remember also struggling to drag my ass into the gym while I was on it. This was years ago though.

Compounds sold under the guise of PH’s typically contained c17-AA pro-steroids (metabolites/pro-drugs that when ingested convert into banned substances) or full on designer steroids that hadn’t made the cut during development and subsequent release to the public. Designer AAS were exempt from being listed as controlled substances as it wasn’t for-seeable that they’d be released to the masses.

An example of an active metabolite would be Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol (halodrol). Intrinsically within itself the parent substance should have anabolic/androgenic activity. When taken the end goal (through a host of pathways, lotta forward/backward conversion and whatnot) is chlorodehydromethyltestosterone (turinabol). If I recall correctly (genetic discrepancies exist) the conversion rate to tbol was roughly only around 5%, taking 50mg hdrol/day was purportedly more effective than 5mg tbol/day. The parent compound itself was an active hormone, yet it’s still a prohormone.

Examples of fully active anabolic/androgenic steroids sold under the guise of pro-hormones include

Superdrol (dimethyldrostanolone)
Epistane (methylepitiostanol)
M-1-T (methyldihydroboldenone, this is literally 5a-reduced dianabol)
M-Sten (methylstenbolone)
And more

Both c-17 alpha alkylated pro-hormones and non c-17 alpha alkylated “pro-hormones” were brought to market. Like all designer drugs, effective dose, recommended duration of use and toxicity profiles were based upon anecdote. Given the lack of clinical literature associated with designer AAS, it was rather irresponsible for companies to market them.

Money talks…

I don’t believe the personal use of anabolic androgenic steroids should’ve ever been criminalised in the first place BUT… Releasing untested derivitaves of otherwise clinically trialled, powerful drugs over the counter is just dodgy/immoral in my opinion.

At the very least I think the bottles had age restrictions on them (18-21+)

Yay capitalism.