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What university?

Just out of curiosity where does/did/want everyone to go to school? I go to the University of Oklahoma.

Ohio University

University of Houston.

The University of Manitoba

UT Dallas

Undergrad and Masters: University of Waterloo

PhD: University of Texas Medical Branch

PostDoc: Bovine University

University of New Orleans-Grad school

p.s. Sooners suck. Go LSU!

Rogers State University


The Home of HIT

Arizona State University


I know, I know…

Undergrad and M.Sc. at McMaster University

When I grow up I wanna go to Bovine University!

Great referrence there!!

University of Alabama at Birmingham

University of Alberta

The Ohio State University

Would like to work at Univ of VA

St. John Fisher College (Rochester, NY): BA in English and Classical Studies

UConn @ Storrs (Hi, Eric!): MA in Medieval Studies

UConn @ Storrs: PhD in Medieval Studies (ABD)

But I really like Edmund Blackadder’s response to this question: “A diploma from the School of Hard Knocks, a degree from the College of Life, and a Certificate from the Kindergarten of Getting the Shit Kicked Out of Me.”


Beaver College

University of Minnesota Law School

B.S in Sports Management and Business Administration @ Marian College in Indianapolis, IN. Played baseball.