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What UFC Fights Will There Be in 2019?

In 2019 like to see:

GSP vs Tyron Woodley- GSP to win,

Ben Askren vs Khabib- Askren to win,

Gastelum vs Whittaker- Whittaker to win (winner faces GSP/Woodley winner),

Overeem vs Derrick Lewis- Lewis to win,

Curtis Blaydes vs Alexander Volkov- Blaydes to win,

Miocic vs Dos Santos III- Dos Santos to win,

Cormier vs Lesnar- undecided

2018 has been a great year and we still have some amazing fights lined up at the end of the year.

You call all the fights but Lesnar vs Cormier yet imo the outcome of that one is the most obvious if it were to happen hahah! Cormier would make short work of Lesnar. Perhaps not a juiced up Lesnar but a non juiced up or less juiced up 40 year old Lesnar is a different kind of animal.

I have zero interest in GSP vs Woodley. Mainly because I really think thats a bad match up for GSP and a hard fight for him. I would much rather see GSP go to 155 fight a top 10 guy then fight for 155 title. Thats my fantasy.

Askren vs Khabib. Thats tough to call. First there is no way Askren makeks 155. He was 174 in college. I don’t see him dropping 20 lbs below that. But if he could. IDK man. We unfortunately haven’t seen him tested in MMA against the best. He is undeniably good. But just how good?

Gastelum Whittaker. Give zero fucks. Middle weight division doesn’t interest me at the moment. I thought Yoel Romero won that last fight against Whittaker. Was angry with judges call. Although not saying it was totally unfair decision. Personally thought Romero should have got the W.

Overreem vs Lewis. If Overreem fights his fight and uses the skills he has I think he could easily beat Lewis in a three rounder.

Volkov over Blaydes

Micocic over Dos Santos

I very interested to see who Gaithje fights next as well as Cowboy.

Cain vs Ngannou has been announced.

I think Cain can beat Ngannou pretty decisively as long as he doesn’t attempt takedowns straight off the bat as that’s what Ngannou would be expecting. If Cain can beat Dos Santos twice then Ngannou shouldn’t be a problem.

By 2020 I’d like to see Cain or Stipe win the title again. But if Cain loses to Ngannou he should retire because Stipe is BETTER than Ngannou. Speaking of Stipe I’d like to see Dos Santos- Miocic 3 and I want Dos Santos to beat him.

How about we have Khabib vs Woodley and GSP vs Askren?

We are only a few hours out from Dillashaw vs Cejudo.

What do you people think?

Dillashaw is so unorthodox and creative with his game plan. It is tough for me to see someone like Cejudo beating him. But Cejudo has and iron will and the mindset of a true champion.

Also Cowboy better kill this trash talking nobody the UFC is putting him against.

Hard to pick against Dillashaw. I’ve been watching some interviews with him. He seems on point, even with the weight cut.

Was going to watch the fights but ESPN+ is giving me a hard time when I try to subscribe. Customer service of no assistance.

early stoppage imo bullshit

edit: Maybe not idk, and the new belts are ugly

Looking forward to seeing it. Crazy - especially since I didn’t think Cejudo beat DJ. Rematch at 135 sounds good to me!

I am a JDS nuthugger, and on March 9 I want to see him do the same thing to Lewis as he did to Rothwell. I figure there is a good chance it will happen.

Would’ve preferred JDS-Miocic 3

Good point, Junior was chopping his leg down to almost nothing and Stipe realized it was an all or nothing so he swarmed Junior.

What I want to see first is how he would do against Ngannou.

It is just that he IS fighting Lewis next, so I mentioned. it.

Dos Santos (if he beats Lewis) vs Miocic 3 for the interim title after Jones-Cormier 3. I’m pretty sure Cormier defeats Lesnar and Jones defeats Smith culminating in JJ-DC 3 for both heavyweight and light heavyweight unified title.

As much as I like JDS I just don’t think he can beat Cain or Miocic. He should retire after a Miocic trilogy and lose by decision (I don’t want him to get knocked out)

I promised myself 2020 will be my last year of watching MMA so I’m hoping next year we finally get Miocic vs Velasquez (provided he beats Ngannou) and Miocic retires Cain for good.

Rather than start a new UFC thread about tonight’s event (UFC Phoenix: Ngannou v. Velasquez)
on ESPN. I figured why not just add to this unofficial “UFC in 2019” thread?

Certainly interested in seeing how Cain looks. But the fighter I’m especially eager to see perform is Kron.

Thoughts on Kron’s debut or the event overall?

Well its as I suspected. The abuse Cain has put his body through has finally caught up to him. Perhaps a different game plan might have worked. He was definitely a bit rocked before his knee popped. He is 36 which for heavy weight isn’t too old but hes a beat to shit 36. But props to him though. He was something else when he was at the top.

I want to see JDS fight Ngannou or a rematch between Ngannou and Lewis.

How good was the Luque Barberena fight. I didn’t like the stoppage but it was totally fair.

Also does James Vick know how to fight. How is he a top ten fighter.

I can’t tell if Cain was knocked out or if his knee collapsed. If you look in slow motion you can clearly see the punch connecting and Cain’s head move back but his knee collapsed at literally the same time. He wasn’t limping either

That’s 3 wins in a row for Dos Santos and 2 knockouts in a row. Hope his next fight is against winner of Overeem-Volkov (I’m hoping it’s Overeem)