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What Types of Supplements Do What?


Okay, I'm going out on a limb and going with the mindset that says "Only the unasked question is the dumb question". So here it is:

Being a total "simple" person as it relates to my knowledge of sports science. Can someone please simplify what types of supplements do what? For example: What is Creatine used for? What is used for quicker recovery?

I am a studying martial artist and want to improve my overall physical fitness. I know that supplements can help someone like me, but don't really know what to use and when. Can someone/will someone help??? Sorry for being so damned ignorant!!!



But, guessing you are a beginner:

Fish oil caps
both will help with recovery.
Proper nutrition and rest are vital.
After that, supps. are just what they say they are. Supplements.

Protein powders are beneficial for convenience.
ZMA is an excellent supp that aids in sleep and specific mineral intake
Creatine MAY help you get that extra rep or two.
Caffeine may aid in energy and fat loss.


Thanks for the attempt to help the ignorant. lol I guess what I mean is what is the appropriate application for some of these supplements? What is Creatine used for? What about Protine? I'm currently taking a good multi vitamin every day. I tend to do more martial arts work outs than any hard weight lifting programs. sorry for being so broad and thanks for helping.


Recovery Aid:

Surge! - Used after and before an intense workout

Spike - Stimulant

ZMA - Provide Zinc, Magnesium, improves sleep

Power Drive - Increased strength during workout

Creatine - Improve your performance in Anaerobic exercise

Alpha Male - Naturally improve testosterone level if you need it

use the search function and look up all these useful supplements, it will greatly improve your performance.





Protein Powder:

Post-Workout nutrition:

Central Nervous System recovery/workout focus:

These are the supplements that I have experience with and would recommend to anyone.

Along with the above, I would say that first you should have the majority of your food intake in check before supplementing, and a quality vitamin/mineral supplement should also be a daily staple in one's diet.

Also a quality fish or flax oil. If you go with flax, don't use the pills. You would need to be taking far too many pills for it to be worth while, so stick with a couple tablespoons of the oil each day. If you go with the fish oil, the pills are fine because it's more concentrated with the good fats.

Essential Fatty Acids are very important as well with too many health benefits for me to list right now, but aiding in muscle growth and fat loss are a couple.

Getting enough quality protein can be difficult and using a quality protein powder is very convenient, but beware of cheap imitation products. Biotest is known for its great quality and very low price on this site because it's direct from the manufacturer.

Post-workout nutrition should have a high Glucose-Index carb and a very fast absorbing protein in a 2:1 ratio and that's what Surge has, along with some even faster absorbing amino acids. If one were to try and make this on their own, not only would it be extremely inconvenient, but it would probably taste terrible because of the type of protein they use, but they somehow found a way to make it taste great.

No, I don't work for Biotest, and I'm not getting paid for this post, LOL.

I really believe in their supplements and I'm hooked on them; not to mention that this site survives partly off of their supplement sales, and they give TONS of great info that you can't easily find anywhere else, all for FREE.

Sorry about going off on a tangent a little, but I realy can't stress how great this site is, and their supplements.


Thanks to everyone who replied. This has helped me.

Thanks again,